Celebrating 20 Years

Providence School opened on September 8, 1997. In 2017, the year of our 20th anniversary, Stallions everywhere look back at Providence moments and milestones that have shaped our great school.

When God moves, the unexpected can happen. I told my congregation one Sunday “I believe God wants us to build a school.” The place erupted with applause and cheering. Providence School was given to me in a dream from the Lord. Within two years of breaking ground, Providence School held it’s first class in the new building. It was a God thing!

Bishop Paul D. Zink

Founder of Providence School

It was the Lord’s will for me to come to Providence School.  I have watched God’s hand upon this school and am so blessed by seeing students grow, mature and become successful, not only academically, but spiritually.  To know we are providing the climate for that level of success is very rewarding.

Don Barfield

Head of School, Providence School