Providence will be closed Wednesday-Friday, September 28-30. We will continue to provide updates through Prov Alerts, email, and social media. We are praying for our families and those in the path of Hurricane Ian. More Info

Providence School and Preschool will be open tomorrow, Tuesday, 8/29.  We will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to Hurricane Idalia.  Additional info will be forthcoming via email and also on social media. We pray for safety for those in the path of the storm.

Inspiring students...

to become active, compassionate lifelong learners.

From preschool, a lifelong love of learning is cultivated.  We introduce their inquisitive minds to the joys of overcoming a challenge.  As they grow and develop, our dedicated faculty help them discover and nurture their areas of greatest potential.  By graduation, they are prepared for their future and have a passion to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.


prepares its students to become boldly Christian and unquestionably academic
servant leaders who change the world.

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They are passionate about Providence...

and it shows in more ways than one.

When you love what you do, success is a by-product. Whether it’s a state championship, a Broadway-quality production, or an outstanding academic achievement, Providence students excel to heights they never thought possible!

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acre campus


college acceptance in 2022


state championship appearances


preK-12th grade students

Notable College Acceptances

We prepare students for life.


Middle School Girls Win Soccer Tournament

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2019 NHS Distinguished Scholars


The National Honor Society Distinguished Scholars of Providence School was established in 2017 to be an organization which recognizes the top ten percent NHS seniors. NHS Distinguished Scholars must maintain the 3.50 weighted GPA, be an NHS member in good standing their junior year, maintain a pristine disciplinary record throughout high school, and uphold other qualities required of Providence members. Congratulations to the 2019-2020 NHS Distinguished Scholars! We look forward to your service this year! Top Row (Left to Right): Evan Frantz, Hunter Weeks, Michael Bucher, and Alexander PerryMiddle Row (Left to Right): Jade Hannan, Tatum Loveless, Analiese Anderson, and Carson RomanBottom Row (Left to Right): MacKenzie Simmons, Rachel Dennis, and Emma Curley