Welcome! We are thrilled to have you join the Providence High School family. The next four years will be carefully planned to prepare you for college and beyond!

Underclassmen should focus largely on being involved, building leadership skills, and working hard in all of your classes. Students can get involved through community service, clubs, electives, sports, church activities, etc. This is the time to begin documenting your achievements, accolades, and contributions to your school and community.

As you engage in co-curricular opportunities, it is important to stay focused on your grades. Your transcript should show that you are growing as a learner each year. Work hard and find balance in the opportunities in which you are engaged. This balance will keep you physically and mentally healthy. We care about you and want to make sure you are enjoying these high school years as you progress!

It’s not too early to plan ahead! Scholarship opportunities increase throughout the years but there are some you can aim for early. Please check the Scholarships and Financial Aid tab to find opportunities for underclassmen. You will open yourself to many college opportunities with planning, participation, and prayer! We are here to support you on this exciting journey!


Mrs. Natalie Gettemy (A-L)

Mrs. Ashley Cabrera (M-Z)