Providence Athletic Complex:

  • 300-Seat Raised Visitor Bleachers at Selman Field
  • Aquatic Center Featuring a Six-Lane Competition Swimming Pool
  • Restrooms Serving Selman Field and Aquatic Center
  • Concession Stand Serving Selman Field and Aquatic Center
  • Second entrance to Providence Athletic Complex

The pool will be available to all Providence athletes for conditioning and rehabilitation.  Additionally, the proposed swimming pool will serve our entire student body by allowing us to offer a variety of different swim classes to all Providence students.


The funds raised from the capital improvement campaign will the support the proposed improvements to the Providence Athletic Complex which will serve the Providence football, soccer, lacrosse, track and swim teams.




"The swimming program isn’t like any program at Providence. Through it, our team has learned to overcome adversity, come together and achieve greatness. It laid the foundation for my future, as well as many others. Providence Swim is my home away from home, and its members, my family. Every year we ask the same question: Where will we practice? We put in the work, we give our best effort, and we fight until the end. We never give up and we need a pool. Ask anyone on the team and they will tell you the exact same thing. It is my prayer that Providence will be able to build a pool very soon. It has truly played a pivotal role in shaping me into the young man that I am today, and I know the program has had the same effect on all who have grown up in it."

Chase Benton - Rollins College

Class of 2017


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