Two decades ago, Providence School was just a vision in the heart of Bishop Paul Zink, founding pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship. The Lord impressed upon him to build a school with the values, academics, and Christian foundation needed in our nation today. The school was a sacrificial gift from the congregation of New Life to the Jacksonville community. However, for well over a decade, Providence School has been solely responsible for its financial stability. What God has helped Providence to accomplish in only two decades can be described in one word…BOUNDLESS! Now is the time for Providence families to be intentional and proactive in creating an infrastructure to meet long-term financial sustainability through The BOUNDLESS Campaign for Providence school.


Reaching the goals of the Boundless Campaign will require unprecedented generosity and support from the entire Providence community, and we have begun with our own faculty and staff. Providence is asking for 100% participation from the faculty and staff in the Boundless Campaign as a sign of unity in our mission at Providence School.  Additionally, we are reaching out to the entire Providence community including parents, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as business and other potential sponsors.  Every gift is important because it is a gift of participation which signals community support.  When our community is united in our mission, we are at our strongest.