Boundless CampaignAnnual GivingEndowmentDonors Your gift to the Providence Endowment will help secure the future of Providence School.  Christian schools are faced with a challenging future with rising tuition costs and uncertain economic times.  Providence School is...

BOUNDLESS Annual Giving

Boundless CampaignAnnual GivingEndowmentDonors Your gift to the annual fund will make it possible to provide critical improvements to the Providence infrastructure. Today, our academic building is meticulously maintained to produce a positive environment for our...

Year End Giving

Your support makes a huge difference for our students. Our children are learning and thriving, all for His glory.

Stallion Walk Bricks

A Stallion Brick makes a perfect gift! What better way to leave your legacy at Providence School! 


Boundless CampaignAnnual GivingEndowmentDonors In 2016, Providence received a generous donation to begin raising funds for a new track and field.  The old football field was being used by 26 teams and it was a challenge to meet the needs.  The new complex is hosting a...

BOUNDLESS Capital Improvement

Our swimming program has approximately 60 swimmers and has produced regional and state finalists every year without a pool. Imagine what we can do with a pool!