Phase IV / 3rd Floor Addition / $6,800,000

Boundless CampaignShop with AmazonShop with Scrip 3rd Floor Addition New Stem Classrooms Additional Classrooms Technology Enhancements 180 seat Lecture Hall Additional Office Space Increased Dining Hall...

Phase III / Facility Enhancements / $1,700,000

Boundless CampaignShop with AmazonShop with Scrip Facility Enhancements & Renovations Today, our academic is meticulously maintained to produce a positive environment for our students.  This facility has become very expensive to maintain and repair.  Many of the...

Year End Giving

Your support makes a huge difference for our students. Our children are learning and thriving, all for His glory.

Stallion Walk Bricks

A Stallion Brick makes a perfect gift! What better way to leave your legacy at Providence School! 

Phase I / Selman Field / $3.5 Million

Boundless CampaignShop with AmazonShop with Scrip Buy A Brick Selman Field  Selman Field is an integral step in building the athletic program at Providence.  Prior to this addition, 26 teams had to share one field and it was a challenge to meet all of our teams needs...

Phase II / Aquatic Center / $1,500,000

Our swimming program has approximately 60 swimmers and has produced regional and state finalists every year without a pool. Imagine what we can do with a pool!