Join us for...

the Spring Musical

From Mrs. Hudson, Your director:

  1. Make sure you have signed up for an audition time slot with a partner for either Monday or Tuesday. This sign up is on my classroom door. If you are quarantined until Monday please email me and I will assign you a time slot!
  2. Get an audition packet from me (or print the one that is attached) and fill the last 3 pages out completely. BRING THIS to your audition – make sure your back page is signed by your teachers/guidance counselor/your parent/you.
  3. Watch this video for a general tutorial about how auditions work and what you can expect:
  4. Watch this video for a music selection specific video about the SONG portion of the audition:
  5. Email me for any additional questions!

From Ms. Riner, Your Choreographer:

I am looking forward to seeing each of you next week. It has been quite a while since we’ve danced, and it’ll be great!

This video is to help you prepare for your dance audition. Do your best to memorize the steps and find a way to bring FUN to life! I’m looking for people who move differently for each dance & music style–embody the music. Due to COVID, studio space has been difficult to come by. As a result, this video is not as in depth as previous ones have been. However, this is not a “dance” show–the technique is not as advanced in previous years, but the characterization and zany personalities need to be larger than life! 

In the video, I did not repeat the choreography as much, but you can pause, rewind & play again whatever sections you need. I know you’ve only got a week, but that is part of the process. Do not stress over it–do your best & what I see at auditions will inform my choreography, so that it is shaped to fit the cast.

I cannot wait to see what each of you bring to my choreography! I’ll see you on Wednesday!!

Ms. Riner

Watch the Choreography demo here: 

(We’re not doing the Jr. version, but the Jr. finale allows us to dance to several of the songs in one piece.)