Tablet Set-Up/Office 365 Configuration

The device set up may take up to 45 minutes to complete.  You can schedule an appointment at the Microsoft St. Johns Town Center store for a free Out-Of-Box Experience.  Please make sure to let them know you are a Providence student/parent when making the appointment.  Appointments can be made online or by calling the store at 904-503-9870.  Your tablets must be set up prior to loading your textbooks.


To begin, have your device fully charged. You will be working with two Microsoft accounts. The first will be a free personal Microsoft account you use to register your device and access the Microsoft store. After purchasing your device, you can have it set up for loading books at the store with their free Out-Of-The-Box experience.  You can schedule an appointment for the Microsoft Store Out-Of-Box-Experience by calling 904-583-9470 or visiting their website. This setup the “Out-Of-Box-Experience” can be done yourself by continuing with these instructions.

The second account, is a school provided Office 365 business account that will provide your school e-mail address usable with the Windows Mail App, Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and Mobile Access via Smartphones. Also, you will have access to OneDrive for Business cloud storage, Office Web Apps, and Microsoft Office over-the-air installation provided for free by Providence. This Office 365 business account cannot be used to login to your device. It is used once you have logged onto your device to access your Office 365 business account.

Step 1: Create Free Microsoft Personal Account

You can create your Microsoft Account several ways. The easiest is when you first turn on your device and have Wi-Fi access. You can use any email address you already have such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or any other e-mail service.

You will also be issued an e-mail address from the school that will be used for official school communication which will end with the domain

Setup account on tablet device

When you first turn on your device you will usually be asked to accept a few end-user license agreements depending on the device manufacturer.

  1. PC Name: You will be asked to name your device (e.g. John’s Tablet). Once this is done you will select your keyboard layout and time zone information.
  2. Personalize: Your device. Just click “next” to continue.
  3. Get Online: Connect to the closest wireless network. At the school you should choose “Guest Wi-Fi”.
  4. Settings: You should choose “Express” and continue.
  5. Sign in to your Microsoft Account: Here is where you would either sign in with an existing account or you can create a new one by tapping “Create a new account”.

You will be prompted to synchronize your files with OneDrive. Go ahead and enable this. This will default to your personal OneDrive (15 GB of storage) that is provided with your account registration with Microsoft. There is also OneDrive for Business (1 TB of storage) that will install with Office 365 Professional Plus for school use. The personal OneDrive account will be used to synchronize your desktop settings and may be used for personal use and taken with you when you leave the school. The OneDrive for Business should be used for your school files and is available for active K-12th grade students.

The device will continue to setup your personal Microsoft Account and eventually you will have a new Start Screen as seen below.

If you already have logged on to your device and have a start screen as above skip to the next step.

Setup account on other internet connected computer

Two other ways you can create your account. If you have a Microsoft device or service like an Xbox, Windows computer, Skype account, or Outlook email and you already have an account we recommend you use the Microsoft Account Wizard from another computer by going to

Otherwise, from another computer you can skip over to create your account at



Step 2: Sign In With Your Office 365 Account

There are several ways to access your Providence provided Office 365 business account. We will cover the two most used which are web access that can be used from any internet connected computer and on your tablet with Office 365 integration via the OneDrive for Business application that you run after you install Office 365 Professional Plus from the cloud.

Access Office 365 via a web browser

On an internet connected device go to the Providence Website at and select the “Office 365” link from the Student/Parent Quick Links menu or any other listed location.

  1. Enter your student username as described in the section below; “What is my username?”
  2. Once you have logged in you can navigate to all the Office 365 features by using the ribbon menu at the top.

Step 3: What is my username?

Username convention

Your username is the same across Canvas (upper school students) and NetClassroom (lower school students and all report cards).

Your username is your full last name plus the first three letters of your first name, followed by (if you have been a student for several years, you may need to try it with only the first two letters of your first name).

For a student named John Doe, the username would be The username is not case-sensitive (it can be any combination of upper or lower case letters).

Password convention

You will have two passwords; one for NetClassroom and one for your Stallion ID (all other services including Canvas, Office365, etc.).

Stallion ID Password (Canvas, Office 365, etc.)

For Canvas and Office 365, your password defaults to the first two letters of your first name (lowercase), your student ID, and the capitalized initial of your last name and day of birth. If your birthday falls on 1-9, put a 0 in front of it. (For example if your birthday is August 9, you will put a 09.) For John Doe with a student ID of 12345, the password would be jo12345D09. Passwords are case-sensitive. If you don’t know your student ID number, you can ask for it at the front office.

NetClassroom Password

If your password from last year does not work, or you are a new parent to Providence, please try one of the following default passwords (they are not case sensitive):

  • “Stallions” (no quotes) or,
  • “Stallions###” (no quotes) ***The ### represents the first 3 digits of your home address currently on file with the school

Password Assistance

You may contact the school office at 904-223-5270.

Step four: Remove trialware where applicable

Many new computers come with trial versions of various programs such as Microsoft Office, antivirus programs, and other utilities. If you do not plan to purchase full versions of these programs, it is best to uninstall them.

Windows comes with a free, basic antivirus called Windows Defender. If this is acceptable to you, you may wish to uninstall trials of Norton, McAfee, or AVG antivirus programs that will override the Windows defaults. Likewise, you may wish to uninstall any trial versions of Microsoft Office in order to use the free Providence-supplied version (see below for installation instructions).


Step 5: Install Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus


Office 365 for Students

The Providence School Information Technology department has partnered with Microsoft to provide Office 365 for all 6-12th grade students. This account gives you access to your school Email, Calendar, Microsoft Office, and OneDrive for Business. Some tablets will come with a Microsoft Office trial version or may be pre-loaded with a licensed copy of Office. If you already have a licensed copy on your device and want to keep using it you may do so. It needs to be Office 2013 to be compatible with Office 365 cloud services. If you installed Office on your device prior to this year you may continue to use this installation as well. If you plan to use the new Office 365 installation as noted below you must uninstall your current installation and reboot your device before proceeding.

You can access these accounts from:

Microsoft Office for FREE


As a currently enrolled 6-12th grade student of Providence School, you have access to the full versions of Microsoft Office and Office Mobile for FREE!  This can be installed simultaneously on 5 devices and is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

  1. Sign into and select Office 365 from the Links menu.
  2. At the top right of the page, click Settings (the gear icon) > Office 365 Settings.
  3. Click Software.
  4. On the Office page, select a Language, and press the Install button.
    Note: Office installs the 32-bit version on your PC by default, even if your computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows. If you are unsure which version of Office you should install the 32-bit verson.
  5.  Once the installation starts by clicking “Run” you will be prompted for you school e-mail address such as smithjo@stu.prov.organd your password. You will then need to select the association with an Organization and login a second time with your password to authenticate your license. You will see the installer begin to prepare office for installation. Be sure to stay connected to your wireless network until the process completes. Installing Office 365 Professional Plus will also install the OneDrive sync for Business application which will allow you to sync your files with your school OneDrive for Business account. Finally, you will accept and use the Office recommended settings.
  6. After the installation completes, you will be prompted at times to activate Office. Choose the second option (log in with your subscription). Enter your Providence provided email address/account,, and click next. Choose the second option, “Organizational Account”, then enter your account/email password. The activation should complete, and you will be ready to go. (Note: The activation may pop up again, occasionally. Simply login again using this same process.)


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