eTechCampus Virtual Bookshelf

This document is intended to support the parents and students of Providence School in accessing and setting up their digital content from eCampus on their Windows device. This guide only references setting up Windows devices although you can setup your digital content on other platforms as seen by the vendor websites.

Once you have purchased your digital books from eCampus they should be available shortly after making your purchase. Follow these steps to setup your digital books.

eCampus eBookshelf

  1. Access your eBookshelf and login with your student ID for the username and the password. Once signed in click on the link in the top menu bar for eBookshelf.
  2. There are several sections that you will see in the eBookshelf. Make sure and pay attention to the section header that describes the platform that the book is available on. Most of your books will be available using the VitalSource Reader, however it might use another book reader such as eCampus, HMH, or Pearson.
  3. Before beginning, download and install all of the reader applications below before continuing as this will simplify the digital book download process.
Vital Source ReadereTechCampus ReaderHMH ReaderPearson Reader
Other Platforms Matix
Other Platforms Matrix
Other Platform Matrix
Other Platform Matrix

4. After downloading and installing all appropriate apps you can begin downloading your digital content from the eBookshelf portal.

VitalSource Reader Setup

  • Select a VitalSource e-text from the eCampus eBookshelf page.
    • The first time you log in, you will be asked to set up an email address and password for future logins.
    • If you already have a VitalSource account from a previous school year, you may skip this step and use the “Sign In link on the registration page.


  • VitalSource will present a list of the book(s) available. To set up the app, click on the appropriate link in the orange header bar at the top of the page.


  • Once installed, you may open the VitalSource app and sign in with the account you just created. When prompted, enter the email address and password you previously created.


  • VitalSource will load the appropriate book(s) into the reader. Double click on a book to open it.


  • If you need to make changes or update your book list, you may do so from the “Account menu.



eCampus Reader Setup

  • When you click on a book that uses the eCampus Reader, click the link that says “Get eBook”
  • The web page will ask if you’re ready to download the book.
    • If you haven’t downloaded the eCampus Reader yet, please use the “No “ I am not ready option and select the reader for your appropriate platform (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.). Install the app and continue with the next step.
    • If you have downloaded the eCampus Reader, select the “Yes “ I am ready to download option.


  • An e-text setup file will download to your device as shown below. Click on the setup file (or select “Open if your browser provides that option).


  • The eCampus Reader app will open and display an icon as shown below. Double click the icon to download the appropriate book.


  • Repeat this process for each book that uses the eCampus Reader. When complete, you may open the book(s) at any time by double clicking on the appropriate book in the eCampus Reader.




Pearson Reader Setup

  • When you order your books through eCampus, you will receive an email with a username and password for the Pearson Reader.


  • To access these books, click on the title in the eCampus eBookshelf as shown below.


  • You will be directed to the Pearson web site. Click the “Sign In button as shown below.


  • Sign in using the username and password from your registration email. You may view the books online by clicking on the orange arrow next to its title.


  • The reader will then display all available Pearson books. View a book by double clicking its title.


  • To return to the menu or navigate through a book, right click (if using a keyboard and mouse) or swipe down from the top of the screen (in tablet mode).



Holt McDougal Reader Setup

  • When you order your books through eCampus, you will receive an email with a redemption code for any Holt McDougal books (also known as Houghton Mifflin or HMH) as shown below.


  • Follow the instructions in the email to download the HMH reader app. Open the app and click the “Get Books button.


  • Enter the code from your email and click OK. Your books with automatically load into the reader. To read a book, double click on it.