Initiatives & Programs

  • Diversity committee formed in 2017
  • Teacher workshops and professional development
  • Visits and assessments by nationally recognized consultants
  • Hire & recruit talented and compassionate diverse teachers
  • Dedicated team of faculty members to lead inclusion programs

Nurturing a community

that loves and honors one another.

As a Christian institution with a Christ-centered mission, we believe it is our biblical obligation to lead our students in modeling all that Jesus has commanded in Mark 12:30-31.  In addition, we believe that all people are created equal by God (Psalms 19), that racism is a sin, and we have made a lasting commitment to keep learning about inequity and to improve ourselves to more fully live out the love of Christ for all people.  

Our goal is to make meaningful progress now and for the future of our children. We are listening to our parents and students, past and present. We are grateful for their hearts and their desire to help Providence move forward.