Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Providence provides a safe place for these young people to accept new challenges, embrace new perspectives and come into their own without getting lost in the crowd. Our Middle School curriculum compliments this rapid intellectual and emotional development by providing a thoughtfully measured transition between the discipline of early learning and the rigorous pace of advanced study. During this time, our dedicated Middle School faculty are instilling valuable study habits, encouraging spiritual development and leading our students toward Upper School success.

The Providence Difference

We believe that “one size fits all” should not apply to the classroom. We approach students as individuals, meet them where they are, and move them forward so that they can reach their academic goals. Technology is an integral part of the classroom experience, and constant collaboration between students makes learning an active process for everyone.

Learning as a Way of Living

Learning happens outside the classroom, too. Students begin to explore their extra-curricular adventures, arts, Christian service, athletics, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities. With a variety of designed learning experiences, students are surrounded by opportunities to learn individually and collectively.

They Engage!

Our Middle School students are active!  Almost 100% of our middle school students are involved in a club, athletics or fine arts.  It’s easy to engage and become part of the Providence family. Providence’s Middle School provides an energetic and supportive atmosphere that encourages students to pursue excellence in all they do and to serve others compassionately.


” The teachers at Providence teach us in a way that we can understand. They are caring and loving”

-Kathryn W., Middle School Student