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In High School, our rigorous curriculum challenges students to integrate critical thinking skills as they learn to search for answers beyond conventional wisdom. Our exceptional academic program, with a host of AP courses and a growing dual enrollment program, allows students to become more deeply focused while extracurricular activities hone leadership skills.

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Grades 9-12

Preparing them for college and life in a global environment.

It’s a great place to develop as a person. I love that I can share my talents for God here.

Kallie J., Class of 2018

Curriculum Overview

Our experienced counselors help students set and meet goals as well as guide them through the college selection and application process. Students typically take a balanced course load, including Honors and Advanced Placement® courses to present both a challenge and a distinction for the exceptionally talented and motivated students. These AP classes are college-level courses approved by the College Entrance Examination Board, offering students college course exemption based on their AP exam scores. Students may also earn college credits through our Dual Enrollment courses.

Core Classes

English / Language Arts

Skills in reading, writing, thinking and speaking are developed and strengthened through our English curriculum. In each year of study, our students are challenged by stimulating reading assignments, frequent writing projects, a comprehensive vocabulary program, and oral presentations. Our English Department encourages independent thinkers, critical readers, and capable writers. For those ready for a greater challenge, Advanced Placement® English and Dual Enrollment classes are available.


The Mathematics Department is committed to preparing our students for a world that will require them to solve complex problems and make critical decisions using mathematical reasoning. Students use technology to help visualize and solve problems, explore and experiment, and develop, enhance, and expand their understanding of mathematics. Graphing calculators (the Texas Instruments TI-Inspire) are used in all mathematics classes.  


The Science Department encourages curiosity and builds on the fundamental knowledge of science skills through observation, experimentation, and evaluation as students study subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, computer science, and engineering. Through our dynamic college preparatory curriculum, students learn to inquire purposefully, think critically, and judge wisely. They will also get the background needed for further scientific pursuits in college. 

Social Science

History and social science curricula are designed to help students appreciate and understand the global community in which we live, as well as the diversity of American culture and heritage. Not only will students learn about the challenges and complexity of recording and interpreting history, but they will also learn to examine assumptions, biases, and hypotheses in their sources. By studying the past, they will be prepared to lead in the future.

Foreign Language

The foreign language program equips students, linguistically and culturally, to communicate successfully with people from diverse backgrounds. Whether a student chooses to learn Spanish or French, they will be taught a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary in both oral and written communication and will also study culture and history as part of their foreign language education.


At Providence School, an emphasis on the spiritual development of our students is encouraged through daily Bible classes. These classes focus on the Old and New Testaments, finding our mission in Christ, and apologetics.

Fine Arts

Fine arts courses offer students the opportunity to master technical skills in visual art, music, theatre, and public speaking. In addition, students develop abilities in the areas of critical thinking, discipline, self-confidence, and creativity. 

Physical Education

Physical Education fosters an appreciation for a strong, healthy body and helps individuals realize the importance of maintaining an optimum level of fitness throughout life. Our student athletes have the opportunity to take strength and conditioning electives as well as personal training.

Enrichment Learning

Weight Training

Athletics are an important part of the high school experience – weight training and strength and conditioning add depth to their athletic performance.

Performing Arts

From award-winning dance and musical theatre to marching band and visual arts, students have the opportunity to explore their God-given talents and abilities.


Students investigate how computers and technology affect our world. They create completely functional robots and control them with motors and sensors. They use basic algebra and geometry ideas to study about energy, force, speed, power, simple machines, sophisticated mechanisms, coordinate systems, measuring, and other topics.

Digital Arts

Students have the opportunity to learn about digital design, graphic design, tv production, leadership, and more.

Visual Arts

Providence’s studio courses, which range from beginner to Advanced Placement®, are designed to teach students the fundamental principles, processes, and methods of making 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D art. Students in Advanced Visual Arts can use their creativity and talents to create attractive portfolios of personal artwork for college applications and professional art displays.


Engineers make a world of difference! Students apply math, science, and engineering standards to identify and design solutions to a variety of real problems. They work both individually and in collaborative teams to develop and document design solutions.


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