Performing Arts

Inspiration Beyond Their Dreams

Through design, collaboration, and performance, Providence School Arts provides an award-winning program for students to expand their creative skills. All programs are taught by passionate and talented educators who guide our students through a rewarding experience in the classroom, on stage, and beyond. 

A visually captivating group of dancers striking poses on stage, showcasing the artistry and creativity of visual arts.

A Variety of Arts for Every Student

From the very beginning, student artists enter a comprehensive program that goes more in-depth each year. Providence’s outstanding arts program includes Band, Chorus, Dance, and Musical Theatre.

A group of Fine Arts dancers are silhouetted in the dark.
A group of people showcasing their musical talents on stage as part of a Fine Arts performance.
A visually captivating group of people in elaborate costumes perform on a stage, creating a stunning display of visual arts.
Fine Arts enthusiasts singing in a choir.


Providence Band exists to bring Glory to the Lord through musical instruments.

Students will learn the basics of playing their instrument and will become proficient at performing a wide variety of music including both traditional Concert Band, Marching Band, and Jazz Band music. Students have the opportunity to be involved in several ensemble groups from 5th grade through high school classes.


Choir students at Providence learn to read and perform music from different cultures and styles.

In addition to tone quality, breath control, resonance, and musical expression, singers develop their vocal technique. Students have many opportunities to perform within the school, the community, and across the globe. Our students have performed at some of the most prestigious venues in America, including the Biltmore Estate, Carnegie Hall, and Walt Disney World. In Ireland & London, our students won the prestigious Gold Circle Award.  


The dance program is designed to expose students to a variety of dance forms, teach proper skills, and instill an appreciation for performance and choreography aesthetics.

Through the study of classical ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, and other dance genres, the students will learn correct body alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, and technique. Performances and competitions are held throughout the year with Providence dance companies placing in the top level annually.

Musical Theatre

The musical theatre program not only develops acting, singing, and dancing abilities but also all other theatrical skills.

Supporting each performance is a student crew that handles the technical aspects of stage production, such as costuming, stage makeup, lighting design, set design and construction, and stage management. Every year in the musical theater department puts on a Broadway-style production that always receives rave reviews.

I love being in the musicals every year. I’ve done cast and crew and both have been truly amazing.

 Avery C., High School Student
An ensemble of girls harmonizing in a choir, showcasing their talent in the performing arts.

Middle School Performing Arts

Middle school students can follow their artistic passions in performing arts with courses such as Art, Band, Choir, Exploratory Dance, Dance Technique and Musical Theatre. During the school year, these students will perform at multiple events showcasing their talents.

Lower School Performing Arts

In lower school, students have access to a variety of artistic possibilities. We firmly believe that each student is endowed with unique talents and skills from God. They are given many opportunities through singing, acting, band, and dance that will lay a solid foundation for their future creativity.

A young girl showcasing her impressive performing arts skills, captivating a crowd of people with her enchanting voice.