Campus Technology

Empowering Students in a Digital World

Providence has a long history of using technology to enhance the learning process. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that technology, when used appropriately and responsibly, can yield great benefits. Technology is an integral component of our global community, and students must be adept at using these tools while developing critical thinking and analytical skills.

A group of children utilizing technology in a classroom.

Campus Technology

Providence is proud to offer its students and faculty access to an impressive array of technological resources to support the curriculum and generate enthusiasm as well as meaningful learning experiences across all subject areas and disciplines.

Interactive whiteboards, projectors, Mimios, and document cameras are integrated in our classroom settings and build even more dynamic multimedia learning environments. Software and on-line curricular components are adopted and updated regularly to support coursework from the most advanced high school courses to math and reading programs in the early childhood levels.

A technologically inclined boy wearing a blue shirt.
Two boys using technology in a classroom.
Two girls using technology to work on a model of a boat.
A group of boys utilizing technology with laptops in a classroom.

BYOD Program for Grades 6-12

With our robust Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 1:1 experience, Middle and High School students have access to their digital textbooks, electronic note-taking, cloud storage and cloud computing, various apps, and other tools, allowing them to become true 21st-century learners. Students engage with information, their peers, and the faculty in new and exciting ways every day.

In Kindergarten through 5th grade, classroom tablets are integrated into instruction via mobile labs for small group activity, centers, and integrated lessons.

Technology Beyond the Classroom

Tablets travel with the older students, and digital textbooks and resources are available anywhere and anytime thanks to cloud computing. A variety of online portals keep both students and parents informed of school information, including homework, assignments, student grades, and school news. All teachers communicate regularly with parents via email to support the flow of information from the school to the home and from the home to the school.

A group of girls utilizing technology, sitting at a desk with laptops in front of them.
Online Safety

Acceptable Use Policy

Keeping our students safe online is a top priority. All students and parents must read and sign an Acceptable Use Policy in order for network and internet access to be granted. We consistently provide a safe, efficient, ethical, and legal utilization of the network, resources, and internet in the school.

Parent Internet & Social Media Resources

Unplugging as a Family: