Digital Arts

Innovative Art Meets Digital Technology

The digital media program gives students exposure to the world of production through graphic design, video production, photography, and recording arts. Students learn to produce short films, record soundtracks, and work in a collaborative environment that builds the foundational base for a future in digital arts.

        Description: Digital arts students working on laptops in a classroom.

Empowering Faith Through Digital Artistry

Our Digital Arts program is meticulously crafted to not only equip students with cutting-edge technical skills,
but to also instill a sense of purpose and mission in their creative endeavors.

A woman engaged in digital arts while working on a computer monitor.
A man holding a camera for digital arts.
A digital arts group posing for a photo on stage.
A woman is working on a mixing board in a recording studio.

Technical Production

As part of the Chapel Leadership team, students are immersed in all aspects of the production process as they develop artistic and technical mastery. This includes camera operation, lighting design, sound design, and technical direction. These students participate in producing many performances and productions throughout the year.

Graphic Design

Part artists and part storytellers, Providence graphic design students learn how to weave art with modern technology and produce great content to build their portfolios. Students will experience hands-on learning using Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and In-Design, and online design tools like Canva.

Video Production

Video Production is designed for students who want to learn an introduction to storytelling through digital media. The course includes camera skills, editing skills, audio, lighting, and scriptwriting.


Digital photography is a hands-on class that teaches students how to master composition and content to deliver a clear photographic message. In this course, basic skills are taught including lighting, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, and post-processing. Students are given opportunities to frame their own creative points of view at a variety of school games, events, and activities.