Community Service

A Heart to Serve Others

All Providence students are strongly encouraged to positively impact the lives of others by participating in community service projects. Volunteering gives students the opportunity to link the Christian values instilled in them to real-world issues, and further develop and cultivate their leadership skills.

Get Involved

Every year our students perform thousands of community service hours. Providence students are involved in a variety of projects aimed at fulfilling a need and making a positive difference in the world. Providence’s community service efforts extend far beyond our community, as we support international ministries and our students participate in missions outreaches in the U.S. and other countries.

Community service is a chance for our students to learn how to be good citizens.

It’s not about logging hours. It’s about unleashing leadership qualities and stirring students’ passions to contribute to their world. As a result, many of our students’ community service hours far exceed the requisite program requirements. They learn firsthand how much more they receive when they give back to the community.

A community service group walking together.
A group of young people in a community posing for a picture as part of a service project.
A group of people passionately singing on stage, showcasing their love for humanity through the heartfelt words of "how he loves us.