Health & Safety

Health & Safety Protocols

The health of our students is a top priority, and we are grateful for your partnership in keeping our Providence community safe. Below you will find our current health and safety protocols. 

your safety

Is Our #1 Priority

The safety of all Stallions, including students, instructors, staff, family members, and guests to the campus, is Providence School’s first priority. Apart from the physical safety aspects, Providence is dedicated to offering a secure and positive atmosphere that fosters the mental, physical, and spiritual development of every student.

We strive to keep everyone safe with the following approach:

Campus Culture. Every child is recognized and given individual attention at Providence. Love, care, and respect for one another foster an environment where students feel comfortable being who they are and can reach their greatest potential.

Continuing Education. Providence makes an effort to train our staff members and students about safety and security procedures as well as how to report questionable activities. In order to be ready for unforeseen emergency circumstances, drills are carefully planned and regularly carried out.

Operations and Infrastructure. To create a secure campus, the school collaborates closely with local law enforcement and makes use of cameras, technological safety equipment, and private security measures. The way that Providence’s security staff receives constant physical training and protocol evaluation.

Emergency Situations. In the event of a school emergency, we will notify our families via email, text, social media, and both on this page and the homepage of our website. We ask that families follow all instructions communicated by Providence School during all emergency situations.

your child’shealth

Is Important To Us

Keeping Providence a safe place to learn, grow, and play is a team effort that requires each of us to look out for one another.

At Providence, there are resources in place to help you stay healthy and well physically and mentally, along with services in place to protect our campuses.

Clinic Meds

The following medications are available in our on-site health clinic to be administered by our school nurse.

Download Clinic Medication List

Medical Action Plan

Providence honors medical accommodations as a shared responsibility between students, parents, and teachers.

Download Our Medical Action Plan