Visual Arts

Encouraging Creativity in Flourishing Artists

Providence School’s Visual Arts courses explore how the arts enrich the human experience as a whole. Our studio courses – ranging from beginning levels to Advanced Placement® – are designed for students to discover the principles, processes, and fundamental methods of creating 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D art. Advanced Visual Arts students have the opportunity to build upon their creativity and skills to produce impressive portfolios of personal artwork for college applications and professional art shows.

A girl creates visually captivating pink flowers on a piece of paper using her artistic skills in visual arts.

Visual Art for All Ages

The visual arts suite is designed to focus on the intellectual and creative development of each student. Through this program, students build creative confidence and skills of self-expression.

Section Title

A girl is creating a masterpiece in a classroom, showcasing her talent for visual arts.


Students create expressive, beautiful 3-D clay forms and learn the fundamentals of clay and hand-building techniques that have been used throughout history.

A girl creates a masterpiece of a pink flower on a piece of paper as she explores the world of fine arts.


Students learn to draw, paint, construct renderings in linear perspective, and explore different styles and eras of art in these courses. A student may take Drawing I, II, or Honors in the 2-Dimensional field of the visual arts.

A visually striking girl wearing a black shirt, highlighting her artistic flair.

Portfolio Program

Portfolio encompasses all forms of drawing, painting, and artistic design. This level is designed to help students not only gain college credit but achieve a scholarship for the student. These students produce works of art for presentation on campus and in the community.

A girl is passionately engaged in the act of drawing, showcasing her talent for fine arts on a piece of paper.

Middle School

Students explore, produce, and appreciate 2-D works of art. Production activities may include both wet and dry mediums and pottery may be introduced.

Two boys working on a Fine Arts painting in a classroom.

Lower School

Students receive an introduction to design concepts like line, pattern and texture, and media including drawing, ceramics, and collages. Many art projects are tied into the current curriculum as well as historical moments in art history.