Academic Support Lab

Providence, our goal is to equip students to live extraordinary lives for Jesus Christ.  Providence provides academic support services that supplement the support provided by course instructors.

The Academic Support Lab’s goal is to produce successful students who are independent learners and students who are prepared to meet challenges and to overcome them; and to produce learners who understand their strengths and weaknesses and have developed strategies to aid in using their strengths to overcome weaker areas. It provides encouragement and motivation for success. We believe that each student is unique and we work to create a plan tailored to fit each student. The services provided will be driven by the individual needs of the student.


Upper School Academic Support

Upper School Academic Support is designed to help keep students on track academically. Kept in a small setting, the instructor is able to work with the student on his or her coursework. The instructor also keeps the partnership with home by checking grades weekly, communicating with teachers, communicating with parents, and also allowing a place to finish assignments and tests.


Lower School Academic Support

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade may receive support for reading, math and study skills.  AS meets in a small group setting (maximum or 4) at times when it is the least intrustive to maximize learning opportunities.  There are numerous opportunities per week and student’s meet according to their schedule.

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Upper School Academic Support Lab

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Lower School Academic Support Lab