Lower School Arts


Introducing them...

to the joys of creative expression.

The arts program adds breadth to Christian education. Students are exposed to various arts opportunities in Lower School.  They often discover the joy of creative expression and develop a passion for the arts at an early age.  The combination of expert teaching, student-centered learning, and superb facilities make Providence a wonderful place to experience the joy of self-expression.  We believe every child has God-given gifts and abilities and exposing them to music, singing, art, performing, and building lay a strong foundation for artistic creativity for years to come.

Lower School Fine Arts


Our visual arts curriculum gives students a gradual introduction to the technical skills they need as they dig deeper into their creativity.  Students receive an introduction to design concepts like line, pattern, and texture, and media including drawing, ceramics, and collages.  Many of our art projects are tied into the current curriculum as well as historical moments in art history.


Fifth Grade students who enroll in band meet during the school day. During Band, students are given specialized instruction on flute, oboe clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, or percussion. A full band rehearsal is held to develop proper ensemble performance etiquette and skills. The band performs throughout the year including the Christmas production and Grandparents Day.


Students engage in developmentally appropriate musical learning activities incorporating singing, movement, listening, games, and rhythm instruments. Students perform corporately during various events including the Lower School Christmas production and Grandparents Day.  Students in 5th grade who do no elect band may participate in a 5th grade-only music group known as Stallion Sound.

The art class is so much fun. I love learning about all of the colors and shapes."

Kylee B., Lower School student

Lower school students performing in the school-wide Christmas production,  “Star Search.”