Help Make Their Dream a Reality!

The Need

Our swimming program has approximately 60 swimmers and has produced regional and state finalists every year without a pool. Now, we have students competing at the college level. Imagine what we can do with a pool!  Without a pool on campus, our students are often required to drive over 30-minutes to and from various pools just to have practice. An aquatic complex would allow us to host swim meets and competitive tournaments. It opens a world of opportunity for current students, and even alumni, to train. Student growth and retention will improve. It will assist with sports rehabilitation, community outreach, and give us the competitive edge we need to compete with other schools. This center also offers a significant economic impact because swimming pools are in high demand in this area.

The swimming program isn’t like any program at Providence. Through it, our team has learned to overcome adversity, come together and achieve greatness. It laid the foundation for my future, as well as many others. Providence Swim is my home away from home, and its members, my family. Every year we ask the same question: Where will we practice? We put in the work, we give our best effort, and we fight until the end. We never give up and we need a pool. Ask anyone on the team and they will tell you the exact same thing. It is my prayer that Providence will be able to build a pool very soon. It has truly played a pivotal role in shaping me into the young man that I am today, and I know the program has had the same effect on all who have grown up in it.”

Chase Benton - Rollins College

Class of 2017

Aquatic Center By The Numbers

8 Lane Heated Competition Pool

• 150,000 Gallons

• 25 Meters in Length



 Estimated Site & Utility Costs

• Earthwork/Site-Prep

• Electric Hook-Up

• Water to Facility


Concessions Building/Pool Plaza

• Required by Florida Dept of Health

• 2 Large Changing Areas with Restrooms

• Concessions Stand to serve the new Aquatic Center, Selman Field, Softball, Lacrosse and Soccer

         • Pool Bleachers for Fans, Sun Shade Umbrellas,

• Scoreboard

• LIghts





Estimated Opinion Of Cost



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