Dear Parent:

As you are probably aware, tuition alone does not cover the total cost of a private school education. It takes the generous support of individuals and families who give to school fundraisers and auxiliary departments within the school. In addition, the undesignated financial gifts given to the school are so appreciated because it allows the leadership of the school to apply these funds where the greatest need exists.
Most private schools, each year, ask their school families to participate in an annual giving program. Providence School has not consistently asked our school families to consider making a yearly financial gift to the school. On behalf of the School Board, I am asking you to consider making a year-end gift to the school, which will be utilized to assist the school in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities not provided for in the school’s budget.
This is your opportunity to participate in shaping the life of our school. We want to encourage you to prayerfully consider giving a year-end gift. We are designated by the IRS as a 501© (3) non-profit educational institution. As such, your gift is tax deductible. More importantly, your gift makes a huge difference for students. Our children are learning and thriving, all for His glory. Your gift has a place in God’s story at Providence School.
Don R. Barfield
Head of School