Thank you to the following donors who have given to the Boundless Campaign: Providence School of Jacksonville.

These records reflect gifts from 2014-2018

This list was updated on November 29, 2018.

$1 Million & Above

New Life Christian Fellowship

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Selman

$500,000  & Above

$250,000  & Above

Mr. & Mrs. John Watkins

$100,000  & Above

Laura Lee Pattillo - Norquist Charitable Foundation

$50,000  & Above

In Honor of the Grandchildren of the Epperson-Fonville Family

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Bucher

Jim T. Meyer

$30,000  & Above

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brady ~ Ideal Aluminum

Logan Diving & Salvage

$15,000  & Above

Mr. and Mrs. Casey Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Stermon

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Ringhaver

$10,000  & Above

 Karen Hibbert

Dr. and Mrs. John Fonville

Celebration Church

Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson

COL. Alfred Grimm

Haven Contracting, Inc.


$5,000  & Above

Mr. and Mrs. David Thaeler

Dr. Juan Canabal and Dr. Denise Ginart

Pastors Stovall and Kerri Weems

 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wiegand

Mr. and Mrs. William Spilker

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Doughty

First Coast Billing Group

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rosa

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Faulkner

Mr. & Mrs. Coleman Perry

The Soud Law Firm