“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10

Providence School teachers offer a variety of great opportunities for you to get involved in extra-curricular activities through clubs whether you are in Upper School, Middle School, or Lower School.

Our Lower School offers fun clubs that you can join with students who have similar interests, or that may broaden your interests by exploring new fields. Our teachers are passionate about leading their clubs of young students who may already love that particular subject, or not be familiar with the club activities at all.

In Upper School and Middle School, our clubs offer you a chance to explore fields that you enjoy while exemplifying the leadership qualities that colleges are looking for in a well-rounded student. We encourage you to serve in your areas of interest, and we also would like to introduce you to possible college programs of study.

Take some initiative and try to find meaningful opportunities to serve. Are you interested in pursing a career in medicine? Get involved with volunteer opportunities at one of the many area hospitals. Do you have a creative talent and aren’t sure where this could lead? Volunteer to support youth camps or programs for the elderly to engage those who would enjoy your skills. Providence students are required to complete 25 hours of community service each year. Hours earned during the summer will count towards the following school year.

Community Service Log – The forms are also available in the Upper School Office. All completed forms must be submitted to our registrar, Mrs. Wilkes, through the Upper School Office or by email to


Middle School & Upper School Clubs

Alzheimer's Association Club

AAC raises money to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association through quarterly fundraisers. Members will enjoy opportunities to help patients and families affected by Alzheimer’s, through participation in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and volunteering at the Windsor Home for Memory Care. Students in grades 9-12 are welcome.

Sponsor: Mrs. Burmeister,

Anchor Club

Anchor Club is an all-girls service organization with a focus on children, the environment, patriotism, and people suffering with brain related disorders or injuries. The students participate in an annual convention where they meet people from clubs throughout the Florida District of Anchors, exchange ideas and receive awards for their projects. Anchor Club is all about friendship through service and community outreach.

Meetings: Monthly; during activity periods

Qualifications: Girls between grades 9-12 Enrollment Deadline: October 15th, Dues required by November 1st

Leadership Opportunities: Officer positions: President, President Elect, Chaplain, Secretary, etc. Opportunities available to run for district office and participate in regional and national conventions.

Contact: Mrs. Dill,


Best Buddies

Best Buddies fosters one-to-one friendships between Providence students and students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the community.

Meetings: Two Fridays a month Qualifications: 9th “ 12th grade
Enrollment Deadline: October 2014
Leadership Opportunities: Officer positions: President, Vice- President, and Treasurer selected annually Contact: Mrs. McGill




Breakaway is a Bible study designed for 9th-12th grade girls. Members are dedicated to facing everyday challenges and celebrating everyday joy together with a godly perspective. Members seek to grow as individuals, together as a group, and towards becoming leaders of our generation.

Sponsor: Mrs. Dill,

Broadway Beginnings

Led by Providence Thespians, Broadway Beginnings is designed to help prepare and inspire middle school students for theatre in high school. Members participate in activities that include improvisational games, reading plays, learning songs, discussing acting and audition techniques, analyzing musical theatre and more.

Contact: Mrs. Supan,


The Build

The Build is a club for the 6th through 8th grade students that is focused on helping students keep the gospel at the center of their life. Members will learn about building relationships, stepping outside of their comfort zones, and have fun all the while. The Build will include Bible studies and fellowship on a monthly basis during Activity. We are excited to see what God does through students this year and we hope that you will join The Build.

Sponsor: Mrs. Diaz,

Chess Club


Chess Club creates a welcoming environment where both newbies and chess veterans can learn, play, and have fun together. Members compete quarterly and participate in the annual “Human Game of Chess. Students in grades 9-12 are invited to join.

Sponsor: Mr. Phillips,

City Services

In City Services Club, students will have the opportunity to become educated on current issues facing the local Jacksonville community and its citizens. With this knowledge, students will also feel empowered and motivated to participate in regular volunteer efforts with local organizations fighting battles against hunger, homelessness, pollution, and more. City Services’ main goal is to make a difference in our community by sharing the love of Christ through action and service. Students in grades 9-12 are invited to join.

Sponsor: Mrs. Holcomb,

Clean Water Club

There are 783 million people on this planet without access to clean water. The Clean Water Club’s mission is to effect lives by bringing that number down one person at a time. Members strive to complete service projects, hold fundraisers, and bring awareness to this important global issue. Students in grades 9-12 are invited to join.

Sponsor: Mrs. Lindemann,

Cultural Cravings


Cultural Cravings is for any student who wants to learn about different cultures through the introduction and tastings of native foods. Meetings will consist of gaining knowledge about a specific culture through presentations, guest speakers, and activities while of course enjoying a special fare at every gathering. Students in grades 6-12 are welcome.

Sponsor: Mr. Crowley,


Debate Club

There are two sides to every story, with a debate club we would be able to explore each side in depth. This is very crucial in our society that is constantly bombarded with conflicting views. The Debate Club is an interactive learning environment in which students will research a preselected topic, and then attempt to influence other club members. Students will learn to strengthen their skills in research, speech, and persuasion. Students in grades 9-12 are welcome.

Sponsor: Mr. Buffmire,

Environmental Club


The Environmental Club is dedicated to making the world a better place! Students participate in discussions, projects, and community service initiatives that promote healthy living, conservation, and appreciation for all of creation. The Environmental Club also partners with North Florida School of Special Education throughout the year, helping students with developmental disabilities realize their full potential.

Contact: Mrs. Munago, or Mrs. Gettemy,


Excel Club

The Excel Club is a national organization offering opportunities for students to develop personal and business leadership skills, to serve their community, to honor country, and to prevent child abuse.

Meetings: Monthly; During Activity period

Qualifications: All students in grades 8-12 with a heart for service

Enrollment Deadline: September 15th

Leadership Opportunities: Officers elected by members annually

Contact: Mrs. Brooks


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Middle School Chapter)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (MS) is an organization of athletes interested in growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ and reaching their teammates for the glory of God. We will have meetings and attend camps for the purpose of growing and sharing our faith with both athletes and non-athletes. Every denomination is welcome and you do not have to be an athlete to attend.

Meetings: Monthly

Qualifications: Open to interested and serious students grades 6-8

Enrollment Deadline: Open Beginning August 2014

Leadership Opportunities: Officers are appointed by the sponsor from volunteers.

Contact: Coach Kelly,, and Mr. Offutt,


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Upper School Chapter)


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization of athletes interested in growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ and reaching their teammates for the glory of God. We will meet for inspirational talks and bible studies, attend camps, and volunteer in our school and local community while growing in and sharing our faith. Middle School and Upper School “huddles will meet bimonthly.

Sponsor: Mr. Murphy,

Fellowship of the Ink

This club provides a fun outlet for students to be able to express their selves creatively and allow their imagination to run free. All levels of high school writers are welcome to attend. Students will meet monthly to bond, discuss ideas, and share their writing in a safe, encouraging environment.

Sponsor: Madame Bedell,


French National Honor Society


The French National Honor Society or Société Honoraire de Français is an organization which recognizes the achievements of outstanding French students FHS students participate in tutoring, promoting French language and culture, and community service in the Jacksonville area.

Qualifications: Student members must be currently enrolled in French. Students must maintain an A- average or higher in French coursework and a B- average in non-French coursework

Leadership Opportunities: Officer positions; President and Executive Secretary Contact: Mrs. Bedell


Future Business Leaders of America


FBLA seeks to encourage the youth of today to become involved in the business world. Oriented to address personal, ethical, and career fundamentals, the Business Club seeks to provide both an opportunity and a platform to launch future and successful legacies.

* Management
* Finance (economics)
* Marketing
* Entrepreneurship

Meetings: Bi-monthly
Qualifications: 9-12th grade students
Enrollment Deadline: Ongoing
Leadership Opportunities: Officer positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Information/tech, marketing/ambassador; President; Vice-President


Helping Paws

Helping Paws is dedicated to serving animals who have been abandoned and rescued. Members assist the Jacksonville Humane Society by collecting toys, food, and other care items. Members also participate in volunteer efforts that assist in finding many animals their forever home.

Sponsor: Mrs. Rausch,


International Thespian Society

Led by Drama Director Jennifer Hudson, the International Thespian Society consists of a select group of high school students who are genuinely invested in Theatre, Music and the Arts. Troupe members are inducted by a special ceremony and then are allowed to participate in troupe activities, including the District and Florida State Thespian Competition, as well as several Broadway Cabarets. Skills learned include improvisational comedy, play reading, music coaching, audition techniques and more.

Meetings: Once per month after school

Qualifications: Any high school student with 100 hours invested in Providence theatre or community theatre. See Mrs. Hudson for specifics.

Leadership Opportunities: Five officers are chosen who seek to provide performance and professional opportunities to the troupe.

Contact: Mrs. Hudson


Jam Club


The goal of Jam Club is to provide an outlet for musical expression, and exploration in a creative environment with those who share a passion for music. No musical skill is required but students must have an interest in musical arts. Club members will meet to engage in genre spanning free-form jam sessions, based off different chord progressions and rhythms.

Sponsor: Mrs. Lindemann,


McKenzie Club (Middle School Chapter)


This club is dedicated to promoting the mission of the Mckenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation. The mission of the McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation is to help young people recognize their full potential by providing programs that encourage caring for others, giving to those in need, and growing in their own spirituality.

Sponsor: Mrs. Jacobs, Middle School Chapter

The Middle School Book Club


The Middle School Book Club is to encourage reading while providing a safe environment where literary discussion can take place in a respectful manner. All books have been chosen by the Media Specialist with final approval from the Principal. During the meetings, the Media Specialist provides initial questions and directs and guides the novel discussion as needed. It is expected, however, that discussions are primarily student led. So let the fun begin and start reading!

Meetings: One novel study per month, excluding December and March

Qualifications: Open to interested and serious readers grades 6-8

Leadership Opportunities: None

Contact: Ms. Decastro


Mighty Club


Mighty Club’s name was inspired through the truth that the Lord can use young people in mighty ways. The heart of Mighty Club is to support orphaned children and adoptive families through fundraising efforts and prayer. All students in Middle School and Upper School are invited to join.

Sponsor: Mr. Gray,

Morale Club


Morale Club consists of a group of students who are focused on growing in self-confidence and encouraging others to become their best self. Members meet weekly to discuss individual and group goals, working together to provide accountability and motivation to lead a positive life. Morale Club also engages the school and wider community by providing encouraging lessons, projects, and service activities.

Meetings: Weekly

Qualifications: Any student in grades 9-12. All are welcome!

Enrollment Deadline: Ongoing

Leadership Opportunities: Officer positions; President, Vice-President, Chaplain

Contact: Mrs. Lindemann


Mythological Madness


The self-proclaimed “Nerd Herd will be hosting monthly meeting to discuss various novels and how they connect to mythology. This year, students will be reading and discussing The Red Pyramid, The Lightening Thief, The Son of Neptune, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. All Middle School students are welcome.

Sponsor: Mrs. Peck,

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society of Providence School was established in 1998 to recognize juniors and seniors who excel in academics, character, leadership, and service. Members of Providence NHS are held to a very high standard and lead a variety of service projects on campus, as well as in the greater Jacksonville community. Meetings: Monthly and as needed Qualifications: students must have a 3.5 (weighted) GPA Students who are eligible scholastically are further reviewed by the Faculty Council regarding discipline records and academic initiative. Academic standing alone does not guarantee member selection.

Leadership Opportunities: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chaplain are officer positions

Contact: Mrs. Mullally or Mrs. DeCastro.


Photography Club


Photography Club is an outlet for photography amateurs, enthusiasts, and intermediates alike that have an interest in learning more about the art of digital photography. Students collaborate on creative projects and participate in unique solo challenges that typically focus on a single component like lighting, location, and basic principles of photography. A large portion of the Photography Club is conducted via a dedicated Facebook Page where students can upload, review and critique each other’s work as well as communicate about upcoming challenges, projects and ideas.

Meetings: No meetings “ Online presence (Facebook Page). Members are prompted on new assignments and challenges and upload their work for the rest of the club to view.

Qualifications: A digital camera and a passion for photographs

Enrollment Deadline: Ongoing

Leadership Opportunities: Officer Positions



Random Acts of Kindness Club


A club where students will come together to spread love and happiness on campus. Students will find collaborate and find ways to be “rays of sunshine on a cloudy day. Students in grades 9-12 are welcome.

Sponsor: Mrs. Dill,

Scale Model Club

Scale Model Club will enjoy weekly meetings where members can discuss different techniques, share advice, and showcase their work. Members may also participate in friendly competitions. Students in grades 6-12 are welcome.

Sponsor: Mrs. Popp,

Senior Women


The goal of Senior Women’s Club is to develop a strong, positive relationship among Providence Senior Women. In order to develop these strong and positive relationships, the Senior Women will participate in school and community activities. We will encourage strong character, faith, community service, and school spirit. They will participate in activities and discussions that will help them gain valuable knowledge for their future. Senior Women also participate in a mentoring and friendship program with The Junior Ladies.
Meetings: Monthly

Qualifications: 12th grade Senior Girl

Leadership Opportunities: Officers are elected by the club at the first meeting.

Contact: Mrs. Hughes


Social Club

Social Club is designed for students in grades 9-12 to meet and have fun in a positive setting while practicing social skills. Guest speakers will teach interview and interpersonal skills. Members will also participate in team building activities.

Sponsor: Mr. Theiss,

Star Wars Club

The Star Wars Club is a place where Providence Middle School students can gather to watch, read, recite, and discuss topics from the well-known science fiction universe that exploded onto movie screens some 40 years ago. Club members will also collaborate to create and execute service projects with a Star Wars theme. In addition, students will discuss the big ideas in life “ like what it means to be a hero, destiny, good and evil — and make connections between the lessons learned in the Star Wars trilogies and the timeless truths presented in the Bible.

Sponsor: Mr. Pacacha,

Strings Club


Calling all Providence violinist, cellists, and violists! Providence Strings Club would like to welcome students in grades 6th-12th grade to connect over a common interest and love for music. Members will learn both Christian and contemporary pieces in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Students of any skill level are encouraged to join. Through practice and encouragement, Strings Club will also likely participate in the annual Talent show and other events.

Sponsor: Mr. Maerkl,

Student Government (Middle School Chapter)

Middle School Student Government is an organization of student leaders interested in serving Jesus Christ, their school and their classmates in order to bring unity and community awareness for not only the middle school as a whole, but each grade specifically. We will have bi-weekly meetings to discuss scheduled events, work out the details and assign tasks. Additionally we will brainstorm about future service projects or middle school activities (Round-ups, Pep Rally, etc.) Meetings: Bi-Weekly Qualifications: Open to interested and serious students grades 6-8. Elections are held in the Spring for the upcoming year for overall MS SGA officers, 8th grade officers and 7th grade officers. 6th grade elections and any vacant positions are filled in the fall. Enrollment Deadline: Open Beginning April 2015 Leadership Opportunities: Officers are approved by the teachers through an application process and then elected by classmates.

Contact: Mrs. Mills,


Student Government Association (High School)


High School Student Government is an organization of student leaders interested in serving Jesus Christ, their school and their classmates in order to bring unity and community awareness for not only the high school as a whole, but each grade specifically. Our meetings will discuss scheduled events, work out the details, and assign tasks. Additionally we will brainstorm about future service projects or high school activities.

Meetings: At least monthly, more in concentrated periods of student activity.

Qualifications: Open to interested and serious students grades 9-12. Elections are held in the Spring for the upcoming year for overall HS SGA officers. Any vacant positions are filled in the Fall.

Leadership Opportunities: Officers are approved by the teachers through an application process and then elected by classmates.

Contact: Mr. Stauffer,


Technical Theatre Club



Technical Theatre Club is dedicated to introducing the purpose and responsibilities involved in being part of Crew. Members go behind the scenes and learn what happens backstage to make all of the many Providence performances come to life. Members will gain hands on experience in assisting with performances such as the school’s annual musical, Talent Showcase and Grandparent’s Day. Middle School and Upper School students are invited to join.

Sponsor: Mrs. Hudson,


The Upper School Book Club


Providence’s upper school book club focuses on classic novels of timeless stories to ensure they are still read in the decades following their publication. This club caters to those who read to enhance their vocabulary and those who enjoy more challenging, thought-provoking novels to enhance their worldview. The majority of the books are either under or a little over 300 pages. Authors range from Voltaire to Orwell, but we do read some current books as well. The club meets the first Thursday of every month in Mrs. Sylvia’s room right after school.


Young Life

Young Life consists of weekly meetings and parties that offer a fun way to share Jesus with teenagers and help them grow in their faith. Students in grades 9-12 are welcome.

Sponsor: Mr. Crowley,

Lower School Clubs

Faith Runners Club
Faith Runners Club invites all 2nd-5th grade girls to join us each Monday for fun fitness training, team-building games, and Christ-focused devotions.  The cost is $125.00.  Please contact Pam Griffin at with any questions.
Hodge Podge Arts and Crafts


Join Mrs. Charboneau and Mrs. Fraser for a fun after school club! We have all new projects planned including painting, pottery, jewelry making, weaving and many more exciting, creative crafts. For more information, please contact

Register now!

More details: Hodge Podge Arts and Crafts Club Flyer


Manners Matter and Character Counts

Come join Mrs. Green and Mrs. Koenig as we sing songs, play games, and role-play as we learn why manners matter and character counts. We will teach the importance of living by “the Golden Rule, having an “attitude of gratitude, honoring your parents and teachers by obeying “right away without delay, and wearing your “happy eyes. We will also learn other practical tips on ways of showing respect. Students will also explore telephone manners, table manners, and conversation skills. Our desire is to mold your children into little ladies and gentlemen. This course is designed to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.

More details: Manners Matter and Character Counts Flyer

Minecraft Club

Come build, explore, problem solve and collaborate with other students. Meet historical figures and embark on quests to learn about other fascinating cultures.

Choose either Tuesdays or Thursdays at 3:15-4:15 p.m. Space is limited to 26 students. For more info contact Mr. Yee at

Register for Tuesdays here!

Register for Thursdays here!

Minecraft Club Flyer

Mind Lab

Mind Lab is a worldwide innovative program for enhancement of thinking abilities and life skills through strategy and thinking games. Students in grades K – 5th grade are invited.

Total price for the 10 weeks course is $160

Please register online at Click on the registration tab on the left, and then look for the school name “Providence” to register. Hurry, spaces are limited! For more information please contact Dori Larea, Program Director, at 786-768-6111 or visit

Mind Lab Flyer

Mini Stallion Cheerleading

Mini Stallions is a year-long cheerleading class that teaches character development and leadership. Girls in grades K-5 will learn cheerleading motions, jumps, dances, cheers, and chants. The girls will cheer at various middle school football and basketball games. The cheerleaders will help in leading one lower school chapel service. The squad will perform for their grandparents on Grandparents Day and also showcase their year-long program for their parents at the end of the year parent performance. Our program begins in August and goes through May. It is $55 per month plus a required uniform cost in order to participate. There is also a $25 registration fee. Our class meets on Friday’s from 3:00-4:00 PM. For more information, please contact

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Mini Stallion Cheerleading Flyer

Origami Club

Come join Mrs. Miller and learn the Japanese art of origami. We will read picture books and create origami book characters such as wolves, sharks, frogs, and many more. The Origami Club begins on March 2nd and is open to all second through fifth graders. For more information contact Mrs. Miller at

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Origami Club Flyer


The ProviDance after school dance program is offered to K-5th grade students. K-2nd grade students have the opportunity to take Ballet and Jazz dance and 3rd-5th grade students have the opportunity to take Ballet, Jazz and Tap. All students in this program will participate in the Annual Dance Performance in the spring. Each class takes place after school one day a week Monday-Thursday. For further information contact

Complete the registration form and turn in to Mrs. Gartner.

ProviDance Registration Form

Top Chef

Come join Mrs. Green and Mrs. Koenig and become part of the extraordinary TOP CHEF team! The Top Chef Club is a 5 week class exploring the exciting world of cooking. We will learn about kitchen safety, proper food handling, food preparation, following recipes, and various cooking/baking techniques. Chefs will design their own apron, chef hat, and recipe book. Each week specific skills and techniques will be taught while following delicious recipes.

Cost per session is $140. For further information contact or

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Top Chef Flyer

Voices of Providence

Who: Children who love to sing in grades K-5

What:  The Voices of Providence will be learning songs not learned in the normal day music class.  We will open with a light snack, provided by Mrs. Weise, learn small part harmony, prepare for a small performance and have so much fun!  Each child will receive a CD to be listening to at home!

When: Mondays 3:30-4:30 PM, March 6 through April 24

Where: The Music Room A-122 Pick-up will be in front of the school by the security desk.

Mrs. Weise is so excited to learn new songs and have a great time with each of you!

Voices of Providence Flyer

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