You can choose between making a one-time payment or setting up a regular auto-pay schedule.

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Providence School has partnered with SAGE Dining Services to provide fresh-cooked meals for your children. In order to purchase food you need to add money to your child’s STALLION 1CARD (dining) account.

Two Convenient Payment Options

With One-time Payments, you can add money to your child’s account once. Or, use Auto-Pay to have money automatically added to your child’s account on a regular schedule.


Frequent Questions

What is my username and password?
You will log in to the dining services as your child (or as each child if you have multiple children attending).




Your username is your full last name plus the first three letters of your first name (if you have been a student for several years, you may need to try it with only the first two letters of your first name).For a student named John Doe, the username would be doejoh. The username is not case-sensitive (it can be any combination of upper or lower case letters).



Your Stallion ID password defaults to the first two letters of your first name (lowercase), your student ID, and the capitalized initial of your last name. For John Doe with a student ID of 12345, the password would be jo12345D. Passwords are case-sensitive. If you don’t know your student ID number, please call 904-223-5270.What is my username and password?“.

How do I check the balance for my children?

Please log in as your child to see the available balance. You can do this by clicking on the “My Account” link in the upper right of any page on the site. See the “What’s my username and password?” question above for details on how to log in as your child. If you have multiple children attending, please log in as each child to see the child’s individual balance.

How do I add funds to multiple children?
Please log in as your student to add money to their account. If you have multiple children, please log out after each child and then log in as the next child to make additional payments.
When are payments applied?
  • PAYMENTS: Dining payments made before 7:30AM (M-F) will be available for your student to use the same day. Payments made after 7:30AM (M-F) will be available the next school day. Payments made on weekends/holidays will be available on the next school day.
  • BALANCES: The web site will update your child’s available balance each school day at 6:15PM (M-F) after the dining hall closes. To view your child’s available balance, visit the “My Account” page and log in as your child.
How do I see what my children have purchased?
To see recent purchases your child(ren) made in the Dining Hall, please visit the “My Account” page, available in the upper right of any page on the site. Log in as your child and then click the “Recent Dining Transactions” tab on the dashboard. For older items, please contact the Dining Hall.
What is the minimum payment?
There is a $27.50 minimum deposit on the account, which covers one week of meal deal lunches (additional or a la cart items may increase this cost). Once an account is established, future deposits will generally go in within 24 hours. You may also pay by check directly to the dining hall after setting up an account.  The minimum check amount is $25. Please make checks payable to “Providence School”. Click on the “Dining Payment” link to get started after you have your username and password. After viewing this content come back over to dining to begin.



Food costs can vary depending on the meal and optional items. There is a meal deal every day for $5.50 (containing entree, side and drink). Items a la carte may vary. For more information, please email

How do I update my email address or contact information?
  1. Log in as your child through the “My Account” link at the upper right of any page on the site.
  2. Select the “Contact Information” menu option.
  3. Choose to edit your billing address. From that page you can also update your email address and phone number.

Please check your spam filters and whitelist email coming from Some email providers are more aggressive about filtering messages than others.

How do I update my credit card information?

Start by logging in to the “My Account” section as your child.

If you only use one-time payments:

  1. Select the “Payment Methods” menu link on the left.
  2. Click on the “Add Payment Method” button.

If you use subscriptions:

  1. Select the “Payment Methods” menu link on the left.
  2. Click on the “View Subscription” button.
  3. Click on the “Change Payment” button to enter your new card information.