On October 14, students in grades 8-11 will take the PSAT test.  The PSAT is an exam created by the College Board, and its primary purpose is to prepare students for the SAT. If you’re a junior, taking the test also gives you a shot at qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Younger students may take the PSAT 8, 9, or 10 (corresponding with their grade levels), which offer practice for the real thing.


Avoid screen time. Get a good night’s sleep by avoiding bright screens (televisions, phones, movies) that will wake up your brain and make it more difficult to sleep at an early hour.

Feed your brain.  Remember to eat a good dinner the night before and a healthy breakfast the morning of the exam.

Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep and brain function are closely related. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that teenagers get at least nine hours of shut-eye. On top of needing to rest up for the test, your body and brain are still developing and need sleep in order to grow.

 Relax. Your brain needs to rest in order to do its best. Read a book or hang out with a friend or two.


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