Welcome New Assistant Principal Grades K-8

Dr. Vicki Albritton

Dr. Vicki Albritton is delighted to join the faculty and staff of Providence School, where her love of Jesus and children intersect and she can be open about her faith. Vicki has served for over thirty-three years as a teacher or administrator at the elementary through college levels. Her most recent position was as a Geographic Information Science and Public Speaking teacher at a public middle school in Savannah, GA. She is a TED Innovative Educator who believes in helping young people – and educators- find their voices in productive ways. She and her husband are originally from Florida and are thrilled to be back in their home state! Michael is prior military and retired from over twenty-five years in law enforcement. They have one daughter who teaches high school science at Providence and two grandchildren.


Latest News

Dress Down Last Week of School

Dress Down Last Week of School In efforts to collect used uniforms, students may dress down the last week of school in Providence friendly attire

Dance Company Auditions

Dance Company Auditions Open to rising 6th-12th grade students Dance Room May 12th 2:45-4:45 (choreography) May 13th 3:30-5:30 (judging) Please contact Mrs. Gartner for an

4th Grade Visits St. Augustine

4th Grade Visits St. Augustine The 4th grade visited St. Augustine on Friday, April 23rd, where we came in contact with some of the most