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Providence Dance Company desires to give Jesus Christ the highest praise with their talents and exalt His name through dance. The dance program is designed to expose students to a variety of dance forms, teach proper skills, and instill an appreciation for performance and choreography aesthetics. Through the study of classical ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, and other dance genres, the students will learn correct body alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, and technique.  Performances and competitions are held throughout the year with Providence dance companies placing in the top level annually.



Providence Dance Company

The Providence Dance Company is a group of student dancers who strive to bring glory to God through the art form of dance. The Company consists of Senior members (grades 9-12) and Junior Members (grades 6-8) who complete an audition process and then take Dance Company as their elective class. Students with an intense level of technique and performing experience should audition for Providence Dance Company. The purpose of this course is to provide students in dance with opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge of choreography and technique. The Providence Dance Company venues include Providence pep rallies, sporting events, chapel services, Christmas Night of the Arts, and the Annual Dance Performance as well as local church services, competitions, and The Dance Revolution Convention in Orlando.

Dance Exploratory

Dance Exploratory is a class designed for the novice dancer to develop basic knowledge and skills in the dance styles of ballet, jazz, modern and hip-hop through acquisition of technique, choreographic skill, aesthetic awareness, and performance quality. Students will also be introduced to improvisation and creative movement which will allow them to explore movement potential and tap into the creative process needed when choreographing a dance piece.

Dance Technique

Dance Technique is a class for students who have a few years of dance experience and hope to gain better knowledge of technique, aesthetic awareness, and performance quality. Students will study the styles, terminology and histories of ballet, modern and jazz as well as the concepts involved in learning, refining, and performing a choreographed piece.

Dance Composition

Dance Composition is a class the infuses dance technique with dance improvisation to teach students how to create a piece of unique choreography. Students will experiment with different movement potentials as they learn basic dance technique and the dance elements of time, level, space, speed, patterns and music to enhance and change choreographic ideas. Ultimately, the choreographic work created by the students will be presented in the Spring Dance Performance.

2019 Sr. Dance Company

Every year, our senior dance students compete in the showstopper competition in Orlando, Florida. This year’s dance was “Sparrow.”

2019 Jr. Dance Company

The Jr. Dance company aslo cometes at the Showstopper competition. This year’s dance the the students performed “Look After You.” 

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