Visual Art

Where creativity is encouraged...

and artists flourish.

The visual arts program helps students identify, explore, and nurture their God-given gifts and talents.  Visual arts at Providence include Drawing, Pottery, and Portfolio.  Through our portfolio program, students build strong portfolios and records of accomplishment which has led to lucrative scholarships to prestigious colleges. 

Visual Art at Providence

Our student’s work is impressive.  The visual arts suite is designed to focus on the intellectual and creative development of each student.  Through this program, students build creative confidence and skills of self expression.

Visual Arts Overview

Within the visual arts studio, students learn to use light, composition, and color theory. In pottery class, artists tap into ancient and contemporary traditions to turn clay into pottery. Portfolio students explore lines, shapes, and the illusion of depth to develop techniques that make drawn objects look real.


Providence is one of the few schools to offer a Pottery program. Students will be able to create as well as appreciate expressive, beautiful three-dimensional clay forms and learn the history of ceramics and other processes from different periods of history. Students may use their 12 pieces of pottery and Technical Records to achieve full credit for Pottery I in the University or College they have chosen. Providence has had several students that have taken advantage of this opportunity. 


Students will learn to draw, paint, construct renderings in linear perspective, and explore different styles and eras of art in these courses. A student may take Drawing I, II, or Honors in the 2-Dimensional field of the visual arts.

Portfolio Program

Portfolio is a course designed to help students not only gain credit in one College/University class, but to achieve a scholarship of a substantial amount for the student.  So far, every portfolio student that Providence has had, has achieved significant scholarships to their college/ or University of choice. We have a 100% success rating. Providence is one of only a few schools which offers a Portfolio program.


Art Competitions & Exhibits

Students participate in the Southern Teachers Agency Annual Secondary Schools Art Contest and when picked, their fine art is displayed in a public calendar. Also, students seek the National Congressional Award Art Exhibit.  This is a national challenge with schools around the nation competing.  Artwork picked is shown in Washington DC at the Capital.

Displayed Art

Student art is shown at the Jacksonville International Airport three times each year. Providence was the first High School given this acknowledgment and respect. For more than 20 years, our fine art has been shown for the individuals who visit the Jacksonville International Airport. This is one of our most visible displays to the general public. 

Student artwork is additionally shown at the Florida National Guard Base in Jacksonville, Florida. We are the main school with this distinction.

Once a year, during the Christmas season, Providence artwork is displayed at New Life Christian Fellowship and it is on display throughout Providence all year.  Additionally, the Emergency Pediatric Wing of Shand’s Hospital shows beautiful pieces of Providence student art.

The visual arts classes at Providence participate in Christmas Night of the Arts by displaying more than 20 pieces of student work. The pottery students display their work in the Providence mezzanine at the end of the year to show their hand-built pieces.



A student used her portfolio to gain entrance to Virginia Commonwealth University. Out of over 900 students only 92 were enrolled. VCU is the no. 1 public art program in the United States, second only to Yale.

Several of our students apply and are accepted to Savannah School Art and Design. In 2016, a student used her portfolio for entrance into SCAD’s Rising Star program and received a scholarship for her portfolio.


Two Providence Portfolio Students were awarded a total of $54,000.00 each over a period of 4 years for their portfolio submitted to Samford University. Both students were awarded the School of the Arts Scholarship and School of the Arts Dean’s Scholarship.

A Drawing II student used his drawings to compile his portfolio. He was awarded entrance into 7 Universities with his portfolio and choose Cornell University under their Architecture program in which to enroll.


Providence Portfolio Student was awarded the National Merit Scholarship Award for Visual Arts to Ole Miss University. (This scholarship covers all her Fine Arts classes, art supplies and expenses that she will incur while she is at University).

Artwork from students who have competed in various contests, is displayed throughout the city and on display at the Capital in Washington D.C. Providence is proud to stand among elite school who value fine arts by offering AP and Honors Visual Arts courses.

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