There are two main student logins you need to be aware of which are your student’s FACTS login and their Campus Network Account (which encompasses Canvas, Office 365, etc.). These logins are separate from the parent login used to enroll your student in Providence School. Parents should continue using their respective accounts to gain access to grades, reports cards, and financial information.

FACTS Family Online Username: JonesDav
FACTS Student ID: 99999
Campus Account Username: JonesDav
Office 365 email address:

Your username is your full last name plus the first three letters of your first name. Your e-mail address is your username followed by (if you have been a student for several years, you may need to try it with only the first two letters of your first name).For a student named John Doe, the username would be The username is not case-sensitive (it can be any combination of upper or lower case letters).


You will have two passwords:
1. FACTS Family Online
2. Campus Account (Canvas/Office 365)

Note: FACTS Family Online Usernames can be changed. If this is changed and you retrieve this information at a later date it will not be accurate.

Step #1: Verify you can log into Office 365 and have access to your students’ school-provided email address. To do this open a browser window and navigate to From the MyProv menu, select “Office365”. Enter your student email address and password to gain access. Once logged into Office 365 select Outlook to access your student’s mailbox.

Step #2: Verify you can log into FACTS Family Online as your student. This will be the primary tool for teacher/student communication in grades K-12. Homework, weekly newsletters and classroom information can be viewed in FACTS Family Online as well as report cards.