What is my username and password?

Campus Username

Your username is the same across Canvas (Dining/Canvas/Office365) and NetClassroom (Lower School Student/School-wide Report Cards).


Your username is your full last name plus the first three letters of your first name, followed by @stu.prov.org (if you have been a student for several years, you may need to try it with only the first two letters of your first name).For a student named John Doe, the username would be doejoh@stu.prov.org. The username is not case-sensitive (it can be any combination of upper or lower case letters).

Campus Passwords

You will have two passwords:

  1.  Stallion 1Card ID (Dining/Canvas/Office 365)
  2.   Net Classroom (Lower School/Report Cards School-wide)

Stallion 1Card Password

School Computer Login/Canvas/Dining/Office 356


Your Stallion ID password defaults to the first two letters of your first name (lowercase), your student ID, and the capitalized initial of your last name. For John Doe with a student ID of 12345, the password would be jo12345D. Passwords are case-sensitive. If you don’t know your student ID number, please call 904-223-5270.

NetClassroom ID Password

Lower School/All Report Cards

If your password from last year does not work, or you are a new parent to Providence, please try one of the following default passwords (they are not case sensitive): If you don’t know your password, you can ask for it at the front office.

  • “Stallions” (no quotes) or,
  • “Stallions###” (no quotes) ***The ### represents the first 3 digits of your home address currently on file with the school