Upper School Curriculum

Students typically take five academic courses per semester.  Honors and AP courses represent both a challenge and a distinction for the exceptionally talented and motivated student. AP courses are college-level courses that terminate in an Advanced Placement Examination offered by the College Entrance Examination Board.  Providence also offers Dual Enrollment courses.  Students may be awarded college credit or college course exemption on the basis of AP exam scores.


The English Department encourages independent thinkers, critical readers, and capable writers.  For those ready for a greater challenge, Advancement Placement English, and Dual Enrollment classes are available.


The Mathematics Department is committed to preparing our students for a world that will require them to solve complex problems and make critical decisions using mathematical reasoning.  Students use technology to help visualize and solve problems, explore and experiment, and develop, enhance, and expand their understanding of mathematics. 


Whether a student chooses to learn Spanish or French, they will be taught a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary in both oral and written communication and will also study culture and history as part of their foreign language study.


Providence offers a variety of electives and fine arts courses.  Our Fine Arts program offers students the opportunity to master technical skills in visual art, music, theatre, and public speaking. In addition, students develop abilities in the areas of critical thinking, discipline, self-confidence, and creativity. 


The Social Science Department is designed to help students appreciate and understand the global community in which we live, as well as the diversity of American culture and heritage. By studying the past, they will be prepared to lead in the future.


The Science Department encourages curiosity and builds on the fundamental knowledge of science skills through observation, experimentation, and evaluation as students study subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology,  anatomy, physiology, and engineering. They will also get the background needed for further scientific pursuit in college. 


At Providence School, an emphasis on spiritual development of our students is encouraged through daily Bible classes.  These classes focus on the Old and New Testaments, finding our mission in Christ, and apologetics. 


Physical Education fosters an appreciation for a strong, healthy body and helps individuals realize the importance of maintaining an optimum level of fitness throughout life.

College Counseling

Our  College Counselors will guide your student through the process of selecting the right fit for college.  Learn More.