4th Grade Visits St. Augustine

The 4th grade visited St. Augustine on Friday, April 23rd, where we came in contact with some of the most important and exciting historical sites. Our adventure started with a guided tour of the outside of the Castillo de San Marcos. Next we hopped on a trolley tour that covered over 400 years of history and 100 points of interest. The 4th graders ended the day by exploring the Florida Heritage Museum. The combination of historical displays and private collections spanned from the colonial Spanish rule of St Augustine through the English, French and eventual American ownership of St. Augustine. We viewed treasures from a sunken Spanish treasure ship and learned about the pirate tirades that plagued the Spanish for a number of years. The Florida Heritage Museum also included a Timucuan Indian Village, the Florida cracker trading post, and an exhibit about the contributions of Henry Flagler. The 4th grade teachers would like to thank the parents for joining us for a fun day of exploring St. Augustine.