Safe Social Media Forums

The Safe Social Network is a platform that provides helpful guidance and insightful content to help parents and students navigate life in the digital age. In a world where more than 90% of young adults use social media, there is increasing pressure to maintain an appropriate online presence. The Safe Social Network offers content to help you do exactly that.

Founded by Ben Tracy, the program is rooted in the experience of someone who learned the hard way how comments made online – even as a teen – can alter your life forever. Social media posts not only caused Ben to be fired from a high-profile government job, but landed his face on the cover of one of America’s largest newspapers and as a lead story on news broadcasts to millions.

Needless to say, Ben learned firsthand how important your online reputation is in the digital age.

Since then, Ben has made it his mission to make sure young adults don’t repeat his mistakes and has taken his message to high schools and colleges across the country. Ben has shared his story to more than 250,000 students, parents, and young professionals. In addition to his personal story, Ben discusses cyberbullying, sexting, and how social media impacts mental health.