The Providence Dads Club, led by Aaron Novak, gave their time and expertise and purchased helpful gifts to five families in need over the Christmas holidays.

These five families presented needs that had nothing to do with Christmas. They needed things that would make their lives better. None of these families ever asked for help. They would rather try to provide, save for, and just do without. Even so, each family is actively serving in their church. Three of our families had special needs children that required things most families don’t face. Another family’s father was a veteran that served in Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq. Our fifth family was a single mother with a daughter and son. Here are their stories:

Because this family had a six year old son, born with a condition which will shorten his lifespan, these parents were trying to save for a surveillance camera which would assist them to watch him in his “safe room” while he napped and slept. The mother researched and had a camera selected, but they as yet had not purchased it. Our Providence Dads Club made that purchase and this family was truly excited that someone would take the time and expense to help them care for their boy. They had the camera running in just a few minutes after opening their gift!

Another family had two special needs children and the father was deployed and expected home for Christmas. One of the favorite things they enjoyed was for all the family to climb up in bed with mom and dad and watch a movie. The reason they did that on their bed was because they did not have a couch. In fact, they used a couple of outdoor, wicker chairs in their living room for the past seven years. The mom saw a perfect couch at IKEA and was saving for it. She had not yet been able to purchase it and wanted them to be able to have these family times when dad got home. Well, the Providence Dads Club purchased that couch and the entire family put it together and had their special time. They were very excited and so grateful for the kindness shown to them.

One of our veterans wanted to give his family a new roof for their home. A few years ago, he was given insurance money to fix the roof and hired a contractor. This roofer took his money, but did not roof their home. All our vet wanted to do was to make a safe environment for his family. Our Providence Dads Club took the time to thoroughly assess his situation and come up with an equitable solution for them since this family was living with conditions that were not healthy or safe. These solutions are still being put into place. This father could not even speak when he saw the true love of the Lord being poured into his life, to help him some to a good resolve. His family was so thankful for this act of compassion.

The father in our next family was asked, “What would you want to give your family to make your life better?” He responded that he wanted to give to his wife a beautiful rug for the master bedroom so that her feet would not be cold when stepping out of bed. He had acquired some overstocked flooring and was putting that down in the bedroom but did not have a rug. This precious family has a special needs son that has been in ICU twice during 2017 and faces on-going health challenges. This father started a new job and has to work long hours so this special rug was not yet in the budget. With some assistance, he chose a rug that he knew she would like. The Providence Dads Club made that purchase and this dear lady had the most wonderful surprise when the rug was delivered. Their excitement and appreciation for this blessing was beyond words. Just to think that there are people that would care enough to make this happen was overwhelming to them.

Our fifth family is a single mother with two very special kids – a teenage son and young adult daughter. In May 2017, this mom was released from her job after eleven years of faithful service. A hospital stay for some cardiac issues followed and since that time she has been sending out resumes and looking for a position. She has a degree in Psychology and never has been in this situation before. Her children do not ask for anything, support their mom and also want to work. They have been looking as well. The Providence Dads Club intervened in a unique and very welcome way that brought hope and courage to our single mom. One of the Dads who works for a global career management company, took the time to contact, meet with and continue to support this mother. She was thrilled because she found confidence, new ideas as to where and how to apply, and skills she didn’t realize she had. She feels valued and has faith that her employment opportunity is in front of her – a future and a hope.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Providence Dads Club, please email or visit their website at Meetings are on the third Thursday of every month.