Providence School and Joshua Expeditions have partnered under the leadership of our Foreign Language Department Head, Maribeth Dill, to take students to Costa Rica each summer for the last eight years. What began as a program for Spanish students to use their skills abroad, as well as participate in church ministry and cultural exploration, has now blossomed into a full week of youth ministry and a housebuilding project.

Our Costa Rica Missions team recently returned from their annual trip serving and spreading God’s Word. The 2017 missions trip was a tremendous success for all involved.

Mrs. Dill and Ms. Flores led a group that consisted of 26 students and one full-time guide to San José, Costa Rica, on Friday, June 23. The team went directly to Campamento Bautista where they hosted a youth ministry camp for about 80 youth from Ciudad Avivamiento Church in La Carpio, Costa Rica. The theme of camp was “Vida Abundante” (abundant life). After games and team building activities over the weekend, students performed dramas and shared testimonies of the abundant life provided through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Camp concluded on Sunday with a concert, followed by a time of worship and fellowship back at their church.

On Monday, the missions team drove to Pavas where they worked together to build a house for a family of four. There was also a childcare center nearby that the students took turns working and loving on the neighborhood children. Mrs. Dill said, “A real eye opener for everyone was playing with the kids in and on an old abandoned and burnt out car, which to them was like a blessing of a new jungle gym, but to us was a startling reminder of the ways in which we have been blessed and the responsibility we have as believers to share those blessings with others.”

Despite thunderstorms and short supplies, it was a tearful moment when the team handed the house keys to the family on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday, the team was able enjoy God’s magnificent creation with a day out to sea on Tortuga Island. After six days of work, they rested on the seventh and enjoyed every moment of it. Mrs. Dill said, “We can’t wait to share more testimonies of the trip in chapel with the whole upper school when classes resume in August!”