APRIL 11, 2019

10 AM – 3 PM

The Stallion Stampede is a school-wide family day of fun that will encompass a fun run, color run, and color war on our athletic fields. This event is replacing the Boosterthon. In the lower school, students will participate in a K-5 FUN RUN similar to last year’s Boosterthon. Our middle school students will participate in a 6-8 3K COLOR RUN and the high school will compete in a 9-12 COLOR WAR. The details about each event are available on our website. Each student is being asked to raise a minimum of $100 in pledges. This can be as easy as asking 10 family members to give as little as $10 or more to help our school. Student’s pledges will be tracked on the fundraiser website beginning March 26th and they will receive incentives in the form of prizes. Funds raised will go towards K-8 computer labs, a much needed new roof, and new A/C units.

Pep Rally Kick-Off


We are excited to kick-off this year’s spring fundraising event, the Stallion Stampede on Thursday, April 11th! This is a
school-wide initiative, to raise funds for the Annual Giving campaign which is part of Boundless.

1:45 – Lower School Pep Rally

2:39 – Upper School Pep Rally

Donate While You Dine


Enjoy a delicious dinner, dessert, and support your Stallions!

Visit Taziki’s from 5 p.m – 9 p.m. and Coldstone Creamery on Beach Boulevard from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, March 29. A portion of the proceeds from Providence families will go towards K -8 computer labs, a much needed new roof, and new A/C units. Please mention “Providence Stallions” when ordering. The Providence Senior Class will be waiting on you and providing live music after 5 p.m.

Stallion Stampede – 4/11/19

This event is replacing the Boosterthon. In the lower school, students will participate in a FUN RUN similar to last year’s Boosterthon. Our middle school students will participate in a 3K COLOR RUN and the high school will compete in a COLOR WAR.



K-5 Color Run Schedule

10:00 AM – Grades K-2 head to Selman Field

10:15 AM – Grades K-2 Fun Run

10:55 AM – Grades 3-5 Fun Run

11:15 AM – Lunch



6-8 3K Color Run

10:00 AM – Grades 6-8 head to Selman Field

10:50 – Lunch

11:30 AM – Warm-Up For 3K Color Run

12:00 AM – 3K Color Run




9-12 Color War

10:00 AM – Seniors head to Selman Field

11:30 AM – 9-11 Grade head to Selman FIeld

11:30 AM – Lunch & Volleyball

12:15 PM – Cheer on 3K Color Run

1:00 PM – 9-10 Grade Color War Begins

1:30 PM – Judging

1:45 PM – 11-12 Grade COlor War Begins

2:15  AM  – Judging


How Can I Get Involved?

Parents will create their student’s fundraising and upon initial registration and a share on social media, lower school students will receive a homework pass, middle and high school students will receive a completion credit in Bible. Parents will help their students gather pledges from family and friends. Parents are also invited to volunteer for set-up day and race day.

Senior Mentor Program

K-5th grade students will be encouraged and motivated by Senior Class mentors during the two weeks leading up to
race. Every Senior Class student will be teamed with a lower school classroom to prepare them for race day and to
teach on how Godly character will help them in every area of life. They will participate with friendly competitive
classroom activities. There will be incentives, prizes, and games!

Our Purpose

Boundless Annual Fund

Last year’s Boosterthon raised $57,000.  This year our goal is to raise $75,000 for next year’s K-8th grade computer labs, a new roof to replace the current one damaged by two recent hurricanes, and new air conditioning units.

Presented with the support of:



Awards: The top three students that run the most laps within their grade bracket will be presented. Awards to be distributed at awards ceremony

Middle and high school students will not be allowed back in the building.  They will need to bring a towel to dry off.  Females will be required to wear a one-piece bathing suit or non-white tank top under their race shirts to participate in the color run. Changing tents and cleaning stations will be provided outside for students participating in the color run/color war.  Due to a tight time schedule all students are required to clean up and change immediately following their event and then join the current event when they are finished.

Disclaimer: Colors used during the color run may stain clothes. Students should wear the race shirt provided or clothes that can be trashed.  Colors used for the run will be in liquid form so that it does not become airborne.  However, if you are allergic to food grade color you should not participate in the event. By opting to participate in this event you understand that color will be dispersed via super soakers. In order to experience the event at its best, you are acknowledging that you may be hit with water.  Volunteers at the color stations will avoid the participants face at all times however, accidents happen.  To ensure the safety of the students, all participants will be required to wear sunglasses and face shields to participate in the color run.  Students will have an opportunity to win event sunglasses and face shields.  If a participant fails to show up with the appropriate race gear, they will not be allowed to participate in the event. Appropriate race gear for all participants include sunglasses and a bandana or face shield to cover their mouth. In addition, all middle and high school girls must wear a colored tank top or a one piece bathing suit under their white participant t-shirt. If the student does not receive this through incentives, they must bring these items to participate. Food grade color will be used, please note that clothing and hair may takes a few washings to remove color residue. For more information, please visit the MSDS guidelines on this food grade color;


Although there are have been hazards identified during the classification process, no hazardous statements or precautions have been listed for this product. Although we have eliminated airborne particles with this product, asthma suffers or any other illness that limits physical activity, may be susceptible to an attack from exertion itself. If you suffer from a health condition that limits physical activity, you will not be required to participate.

Use FACTS Family Online for dining information from the "Links" menu. Balances will be updated by Friday, 4/26/2019. Dismiss