On Tuesday, students in grades 6-12 were challenged and changed by Kevin Atlas as part of his international Believe In You Tour. Kevin Atlas, the first one-armed person to receive a Division I basketball scholarship, was at Providence on Tuesday as part of his 300 appearance non-stop tour to challenge students in grades 6-11, administrators and teachers to believe in themselves. Atlas, 6-foot-11-inches tall with his arm discontinued below his elbow was born and raised in Pleasanton, California grew up in a split custody household, overcame the death of his father, and was not able to read until the third grade as he was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. He has shared his story of overcoming adversity on six continents and across 49 states. Kevin encouraged our students, engaged in a little one-on-one basketball, and empowered our student government students to lead the school in the Believe in You challenge.

“I owe so much of where I am to one thing … someone believing in me,” said Atlas. “What was my biggest insecurity became my greatest strength, and I owe it all to someone believing in me. This essential lesson is now my mission in life and my message to all young people. Believe in each other because if not you, then who?” The Challenge is for students to attend a school activity they never have before…swim meets, track meets, plays, and choir concerts. Pick an event and show each other that support! Share your acceptance of this Challenge using hashtag #BelieveInYouChallenge.

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