The fourth grade students and teachers visited Tallahassee on Tuesday and Wednesday (2/20 and 2/21) where they experienced and gained knowledge about our state’s wildlife, visited our capitol, and learned about our history.

Students were treated to a boat tour of Wakulla Springs on Tuesday which provided a close view of Florida wildlife. That was followed by a visit to the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science to learn about Florida’s animals in their habitats.

Wednesday was spent touring the capitol buildings and visiting another fascinating museum. First, students toured the old capitol building where they completed a scavenger hunt relating to the history of Florida’s government. Then, students walked to the new capitol building where they viewed the Senate and House Chambers. Next, students visited the Museum of Florida History to experience past and present cultures in Florida. They truly gained a knowledge and appreciation of this heritage.

The fourth grade teachers would like to thank the parents who chaperoned for spending their time volunteering on this great trip!