Students from 4th -8th grade were challenged to learn more about God’s world through the National Geographic’s GeoBee. This group met with Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Peck to learn about the material covered and then spent their own time discovering more. On January 24th, fourteen students gathered to compete. Our school winner is RJ Peck (7th grade) and our runner up is Ava Chung (5th grade). We are so proud of them and the rest of the students who participated!
Participants included: Ailise Johnson, Jasmine McGee, Miruna Chiribau, Mekhi Waters, Jimmy Chung, and Tori Session (4th); Ava Chung, Sean Rhee, Grayson Jackson, and Summer Stearns (5th); Jackson Soud, (6th); RJ Peck, Liliana Smith and Maya Bhaskar (7th)