As of Thursday, April 18th, all scheduled auto payments for dining will be canceled as we transition to our new integrated system in FACTS. The new system will reflect current dining and tuition balances by Friday, April 26th. From that time on, the system will provide real-time updates of transactions and balances. Another enhanced feature of the new system is that it will alert our dining staff of any noted food allergies a student may have upon check-out.

To access the new dining system, navigate to the school website and choose “FACTS Family Online” from the links dropdown menu. Once logged into the system select the “Financial” menu option. From here you will see Prepay Accounts, Balances for tuition accounts, and Financial Link. Detailed information for dining is accessible by clicking on “Financial Home”. This will redirect you to the FACTS Billing Portal. Once there, if you want to return to the Family Online portal you will see an exit icon in the top right corner to navigate back.

You can add funds at any time via ACH (no fee) or Credit Card with a reduced rate of 2.85%. The balance for prepay accounts is now shared for families. You will no longer need to make payments per child. A notification will be sent to those specified to receive alerts in the FACTS billing system as noted below.  Also, to view transaction detail click on the “View Details” link in the upper right-hand corner of the Prepay Accounts panel.

For additional information, please visit our dining webpage on the school website under campus-life or contact the business office during normal school hours.