New Life Christian Fellowship was founded in 1984.  After the church outgrew their first building, they began looking for land to build a new 99,000 square foot complex.  When the question arose, “How much land do we need?”  Pastor Zink answered,  “enough for a school.”

In 1995, Pastor Zink was inspired by the Lord to step out in faith and declare to his congregation of over 4,000 people, “I believe the Lord wants us to build a school.”


Pastor Zink explained the vision God gave him of an exemplary school.   In his dream, he saw a black stretch limousine pull up in front of the school, and a child got out and went into the school.  A short time later, another child got out of another limousine that had a Government seal on the side of the car.  Then, another limousine arrived, this time it had a Presidential seal on the side.  This dream confirmed the type of school he was to build.  The future school would be a college-preparatory school based on Christian principles, with high academics and social graces.  It would prepare students for a future based on God’s divine will for their lives.  He later told his congregation, “It will be an environment where the highest quality education can be achieved.  This school will set a new level of excellence in integrity and education.  It will draw the community towards it.  And I want God’s name to be honored by every employee and student that passes through the halls of this school.”

Pastor Zink and his staff did their homework.  He sought the counsel of well-known ministers and educators to advise him on building a school.  Most of them recommended starting with an elementary school first.  He reflected on their wise advice, but he knew he heard from the Lord and was to build a Preschool through 12th grade school.  As he pursued God’s heart in making decisions, the Lord revealed the name of the school, Providence, which means “divine leadership.”



(The first school logo)