Lower School Science Teacher Sheryl Dwyer (pictured above) is a leader in developing innovative projects for our Lower School students to enjoy!

Providence Lower School is in the midst of significant upgrades to the science lab, computer lab, and media center. Each will be improved with new equipment that will excite students this Fall. These upgrades will give our teachers further ability to integrate technology, research, and even more hands-on learning activities into their lesson plans.

The Lower School Science Lab is being renamed and equipped to be the STEM Studio. New installations include a peg board along the wall for STEM supplies, a research center with computers, and dropdown retractable extension cords. Also, four new tables for engineering are being custom built and will be installed in July.

The Lower School Computer Lab is being renamed and equipped to be the Technology Lab. The Technology Lab is receiving a complete makeover of tables and equipment, which will now include laptop computers. We have installed drop down retractable extension cords. For robotics, new equipment will be available, such as “finches” and “hummingbirds.”

The Lower School Media Center will now be named the Dyer Media Center in honor of Susan Dyer, our former Principal and a founding faculty member of Providence School. The Dyer Media Center will receive a partial makeover with laptops and tables and will include new STEM equipment for use by our students.

Our students and teachers, alike, will benefit from these improvements which will give teachers greater flexibility to include technology and captivating learning activities in our resource centers.