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Providence Missions and Outreach

Every year, Providence School sets aside time to learn about local and foreign missions. Chapels are focused on missions with guest speakers who share their mission experiences and the amazing outcomes of their service to others in need.  Our students learn first-hand the true meaning of serving others through Christ, providing valuable lessons regarding a sense of purpose. At this time, there are two organizations in desperate need of our support, the Sderot village in Israel by Dugit Ministries and  Cabaret Haiti Missions. Dugit Ministries (Israel) spoke during the Holocaust Chapel last year.  This week’s Missions Chapel focused on the upcoming opportunity to Costa Rica. Students can contact for more information on this trip.

Dugit Ministries supporting Sderot village in Israel

policemen standing in a pile of rubble, providing support and outreach in the aftermath of a israeli conflict.
Israeli soldiers conduct outreach and support missions as they walk through the rubble of a city.
A man engaged in outreach, holding a microphone as he supports Providence Missions.

Avi is the founding pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation and Dugit Outreach Ministries in Israel.  Avi is a Jew, born in Jaffa to Holocaust survivors.  Avi spoke to students at the Holocaust chapel last year and is active in education projects.

As many of you know, Israel was attacked a couple of weeks ago. One of the villages is in desperate need.  Critical needs continue to arise every day during this conflict, but these families from Sderot need the following right now:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Financial Help
  • Living Accommodations
  • And much more

May I humbly ask you to pray for Israel. And to pray about supporting us in the midst of these unprecedented times? If you are able to give, please give online so we can get the funds immediately and directly to where they are needed most. The needs are so great that every moment matters.

Cabaret Haiti Missions supporting Orphans in Haiti

A child is smiling in front of an orange background at a Providence Missions outreach event.
Support Missions & Outreach in Providence by buying a t-shirt or giving online.

Join us in praying for and supporting our Christian friends and orphans in Cabaret, Haiti. In years past, we as a Providence community have sent clothing, food, and school supplies, but shipping into the country is not an option due to the political unrest and harsh conditions. 

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