5th Grade Rocket Launch

Recently our 5th Grade students got to experience Rocket Launch Day! In Mrs. Popp’s Science classes, each student built an Estes model rocket as part of the Science unit on Flight and Rocketry. The kids completed this project the previous week and had been eagerly awaiting “Rocket Launch Day”.

This year’s launch represents our 5th anniversary. What started off as a one-time event to test a few model rockets has since become one of the highlights of our 5th-grade science program. This year students trained to use altimeters in their rockets and recorded flight data and used that data for graphic analysis.

Special thanks to Scott & Gina Crumpler! The Crumplers have been supporting the 5th Grade Science Class Rocket Launch program for the last 5 years and are a big reason why the program has been so successful.

Video Credit:  Brooklyn Randles and Macy Short