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7th Grade Students Welcomes...

Civics In Action Series

What’s it like to fly on Air Force One?  Our curious 7th-grade students found out this week from someone who has flown on it with several presidents including President George W. Bush.  As part of the Civics In Action Series, students will be busy over the next few weeks hosting local, state, and national government representatives.  “When students are prepared and engaged for the political process, they are more likely to become civically involved,” said former state representative, Ander Crenshaw.  As part of this learning process current and former representatives were invited to speak to the students in a question and answer forum. Afterward, the students enjoyed meeting their new friends in person and taking “selfies”…and from their reactions, we believe the feelings were mutual.  Kudos to their instructor, Mr. Higginbotham, for arranging these engaging sessions for our students. 

2021 Civics In Action Series Guest Speakers

2/22 – ANDER CRENSHAW – Former Congressman
2/23 – LENNY CURRY – Jacksonville Mayor
2/26 – CLAY YARBOROUGH – Florida State House of Representatives
3/1 –  MELISSA NELSON – Florida State Attorney
3/16 – MIKE HOGAN – Duval County Supervisor of Elections
3/23  – MARK MAHON – Chief Judge Florida Circuit Court; Former Congressman; Lobbyist
3/30 – MIKE WILLIAMS – Duval County Sherriff