Providence Gives to the Bahamas

When we realized how blessed we were to be spared from the destruction that Hurricane Dorian brought on others, our Providence community immediately went into action to serve those who were impacted the most and started the Bahamas Recovery Project. Providence parent Chris Cline, President of Corporate Traffic Logistics, and his wife Barbara donated their resources and parked a 53ft. trailer on our campus to fill with supplies to send to the Bahamas. Families brought in generators, tarps, medical items, cleaning supplies, diapers, food, water, and numerous other items. Over $1,500 came in through monetary donations that will be sent to Convoy of Hope and directly utilized for Hurricane Dorian victims. At the end of two weeks, we have filled the truck! We loaded over 24 pallets, more than 75 bags, countless boxes, and even a grill! This morning our Lower School students prayed for those who will be receiving the supplies before the truck left our campus. A special thank you to the Cline Family and Corporate Traffic Logistics for providing the trailer and delivery of goods. Thank you to PTP leaders, parents, the multitude of students who helped organize, box, and pallet the supplies, Mr. Larry and Mr. Tommy who loaded the pallets onto the truck and to Jennie Zink who organized and oversaw the entire project. Thank you Providence families who donated supplies, money, and your time. ProvCares!

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