Bold Bite Orthodontics generously discounting services for Providence Families

We are so fortunate to have many generous corporate partners who support our school throughout the year. One of our partners this year is Bold Bite Orthodontics, owned by a Providence family! Bold Bite Orthodontics is partnering with us to present the Spring Musical coming up March 30-31st, and we hope you have purchased your tickets to be there! As Bold Bite Orthodontics opens their new practice, they are currently offering the following special for all Providence Families through May 1st: $1,000 off comprehensive treatment fees for braces and Invisalign as part of the Grand Opening special. Once this special is done, Providence families will still have 10% off normal case fees for braces or Invisalign (this equals a $600 discount). Visit to learn more about their services and check out their beautiful new office spaces at 14035 Beach Blvd. Suite 104 conveniently located near campus just off Beach Blvd. next to The Loop. Be sure to thank Dr. Greenberg for their support of Providence when you visit!