Free Us From Bullying Sessions

We are excited to have a national speaker on faith-based anti-bullying coming to Providence. The Protectors, founded in 2005, was born from personal experience and a unique understanding into a fundamental weakness to existing anti-bullying programs. As a Target of bullying while in elementary school, Founder and President Paul Coughlin knows just how damaging such a campaign of cruelty can be to a person’s emotional and psychological wellbeing—damage that can harm a person well into adulthood. Some never recover.

Unlike traditional anti-bullying efforts that focus primarily upon reforming children who bully and which are historically ineffective, The Protectors focuses primarily upon the potential strength, heroic desire, and rescuing capacity of Bystanders, transforming them into what we call “Alongside Standers.” We also provide assertiveness training for Targets, help Authority dispel the many damaging myths about bullying, and inspire children who bully to employ their power in life-affirming directions instead.

Join us for this informative session as together we make Providence stronger and unified.  


  • Tuesday, November 15th – Parent Night 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday, November 16th – Special Chapel Services for Students Grades 4–12
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