Life Without Limits

Want to hear about how to be healthy in your spirit, soul, and body? Would you like to explore ways to tackle your personal wellness journey? Then this seminar is for you. Hear influencers and health care experts dive into topics regarding your health and wellness. In addition to the three sessions in the morning and a healthy lunch, a Q-and-A Workshop will wrap-up the seminar.

8:30 AM  Sign In & Registration
8:55 AM   Welcome & Prayer
9:00 AM    Dr. William Nields
10:00 AM  Dr. Myrtle Greene
11:00 AM   Matthew Hendrick

12:00 Noon  Lunch provided by Kairos Juices
1:15 PM   Goal Setting Workshop
1:45 PM   Q & A Workshop


Dr. Nields graduated from the College of Medicine at University of South Florida and completed his residency at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. He has established Headwaters Health to carry out a mission of bringing healing and optimal health to all people. Combining a traditional Western Medical Training with Holistic, Naturopathic and Functional Medical techniques allows the team at Headwaters Health to regularly see people set free from chronic disease and the medical system. It is the mission statement of the clinic to empower all people to optimize their health and live out their purpose to the fullest. The health of an individual is deeply impacted by emotional and spiritual health. Traditional health care in the U.S. has focused primarily on physical health (Body) while neglecting emotional and spiritual health (Mind and Spirit). I see these aspects as inseparably intertwined. To be truly at your best you need to be healthy emotionally, spiritually as well as physically. We support our patients in all these areas as we diagnose and address the root cause of illness.

Dr. Greene is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, author, conference speaker, founder and owner of Greene Professional Counseling, Inc where she provides individual, family and couples sessions. Also, she is the Chief Operation Officer of the Intervention Project for Nurses program that serves and advocates for nurses with psychiatric and substance use issues. In addition, she is a licensed minister by R3 Alliance and presently serves as an Elder alongside her husband, James Greene at New Life Christian Fellowship. Dr. Greene is the founder of Women of Destiny Fellowship, Inc and has authored a 31-day devotional book titled Hope for the Hopeless. She provides teachings and workshops on Emotional Health and is currently developing a curriculum called “Mental Health Toolbox”. Her proudest accomplishments include being a mother and “Nana”.  Dr. Greene earned a master degree in Counseling from Webster University and a master degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Thomas University. She obtained her doctoral degree in Psychology from Walden University. She also is a Florida Certified Addiction Professional and International Drug Addiction Counselor and has worked in various dual diagnosis treatment facilities in Florida.

Matt has Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine; as well as being certified as a C.S.C.S. (NSCA), USAW Club Coach, and Post Rehabilitation Specialist. He has worked as a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach for the past 25 years in private practice, as well as the NFL. He has a proven track record of creating practical, progressive, results driven programs for hundreds clients ranging from 16-91 years of age, and at all levels from beginner to the professional athlete. His training philosophy is built on corrective exercise, functionality, strength, and mobility. He’s had great success with clients in a number of areas including the NFL, ATP, and Olympics. His experience both as a competitor and coach, along with his work in physical therapy and performance give him a diverse background allowing him to offer a unique perspective to the fields of Strength & Conditioning, Human Performance, and Rehabilitation.